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Which companies ignore 'no cold caller' signs?

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  • I would really like a sign made for the charities please and especially for the J-witness people. They just can't take no for an answer, I dont need to discuss who I think Jesus is with these people on my door step, if I did I would go to Church or something, But please would they stop knocking on my door every single weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CKhalvashiCKhalvashi Forumite
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    I use any charity bags as a bin liner... half the charities are not genuine!

    They fit perfectly between the headrests of my car, and having 2 girls (8 and 10), they’re unsurprisingly useful :)
    "I kada sanjamo san, nek bude hiljadu raznih boja" (L. Stamenkovic)

    Call me Remainer or Romaniac, but not Remoaner. It's insulting and I have the right to have my voice heard too.

    I can spell, my iPad can't.
  • macutmoremacutmore Forumite
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    Good as the printable 'No Cold Callers' sign is, perhaps a better worded one should be designed since so many seem to percieve that 'not selling' exempts them from the definition. I even had a Jehovah try & tell me on my doorstep what my sign actually meant! Believing is one thing. Defining is another! Incredible.
  • pa_5pa_5 Forumite
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    As a Jehovah's Witness I go door to door giving a message of hope along with nearly 8million others around the world.
    I don't think it's fair to put us in the 'cold caller' bracket. We do not solicit money or want anything from the householder. On the contrary, we offer a message of hope and free bible studies to anyone who wants one.
    We do not charge for anything!
    We may appear a bit pushy sometimes but please realise that we believe our message is extremely important.
    We hear "i'm not interested" quite a bit but a lot of the time it is just a reaction. And if the right questions are posed people very ofetn ask us more questions.
    A firm (but nice) no thank you and we will be on our way.
    We mean no inconvenience and one day may be able to help you.

    When the No Cold Calling zone was set up in our area, it was in response to increasing concern for the welfare and safety of the elderly and vulnerable. The Trading Standards people made it clear that it was aimed at traders.

    On the rare occasion that a householder points to their door sign, Jehovah's Witnesses respect their wish and leave politely. The majority of householders never refer to the sign.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are willing volunteers who give up their time because they care very much about the people in their community. If a householder shows interest in reading their literature, it's left at no cost. Many people are pleased to hear how the Bible can help them cope with their day to day lives, and also give them comfort in increasingly turbulent times.
  • BobbinAlongBobbinAlong Forumite
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    No signs and no physical cold callers - it helps to live up a narrow lane (no parking) out in the wilds of nowhere!
    But the PPI companies keep phoning despite registering with the telephone preference service thingy.
  • jabajijabaji Forumite
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    I don't really consider betterware and Avon cold callers it's not like they try and pressure sell just poke the catalogue in and it's up to you if you look at it.

    Actually its correct Avon are NOT cold callers. A catalogue is popped through the door with a note saying it will be collected. At no point are you asked directly to enter into a sale, if you want to buy you do, if not simply put the catalogue back outside the door. You can always tell the rep not to call again.:money:
  • jumpycatjumpycat Forumite
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    drjustice wrote: »
    I have a clear sign on my door ,they look at me in shock when I tell them to !!!! off and they try to tell me they are not cold calling ,Idiots.
    I give to two charities via my wage and have a sign as I do not won't to be disturbed they deserve all they get if they are stupid enough to knock on a door telling them not to .

    Well, there's plenty of aggression on this thread! I'm not surprised they look at you in shock - it's appalling behaviour.
    It get's on my nerves too when a charity worker etc is overly pushy but how do you know they will be until they've opened their mouth? It could just be an honest family man trying to earn a living, or a mild-mannered individual who truly believes in their charity's work. Or someone who genuinely didn't spot the sign. Even in the rare case it is an "idiot" what's wrong with firmness over rudeness? I don't think that the relatively minor inconvenience of having to open your door and point out the sign really warrants a "they deserve all they get" response. I didn't come on here to defend cold callers, but I think some of the reactions here are worse misdemeanors than those they commit.
  • g0reckig0recki Forumite
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    @fannyadams "I don't care that you are from the local politician wanting to tell me how your lot are better than the other lot. I'll vote for who I like based on the literature you push through my door."

    That's not why political parties knock on doors (or at least the one I volunteer for). We want to listen to what problems people are having, rather than just telling people what we think their problems are. We also want to get an idea of who intends on supporting us and who doesn't. On top of this, it is more common to see "no junk mail" signs than "no cold callers".

    @MSEMartin "People put signs up as they dont want disturbing."

    My personal experience is that people with "no cold callers" signs are on the whole no more unhappy about being canvassed than people without such signs. MSE's own free signs explicitly refer to 'buying from you' and 'free advice', which is nothing to do with political canvassing.

    Lots of people who don't like salespeople calling round still do want to see their local councillors calling round. There are (very occasionally) people who have made their own signs which specify 'no politics' or similar, who I wouldn't knock. Other than that I think it's absolutely fine cold calling for non-protiable motives. In fact I think our democracy would be in an even worse state if we didn't.
  • ismevalismeval Forumite
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    After printing off your poster and putting it in my front window I have had no probs at all, except once two young men with clip boards started to try and I just asked politely if they had to be able to read to get their job, to which they replied yes of course, so I pointed out the poster in the window - which is next to the door ! They apologised nicely and left ...
    However, this morning we had a van touting for business trying to sell memory foam beds - no company name or anything else on their van .. I pointed out the notice and he said it did not apply to them as he did not knock on the door as it was open, and he had a 'street vendors license' - he then got very rude when I said it made no difference I do not want sellers on my property ... and drove off amid foul language (no not from me lol) we have his van number etc and wondered what to do about this ...

  • bandos2007bandos2007 Forumite
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    Have to say that I agree with some of the previous posts re Kleeneze, Betterware etc, in general they do not call, they post the catalogue through your door and you leave it outside for them to collect hence they are not really cold calling.
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