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Please any help much appreciated. My husband has just been told Army might look to medically discharge him. He has done 16 years all ways got good reports and just got promoted in last lot. We know nothing about how this works how long it takes will the army just discharge him and dump him or will he be entitled to anything like training and money?
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  • Look at the other post on here re Med Discharges, will answer some of you questions though.

    When was the injury in question, Prior to 2005 will be dealt with under War Pension Scheme, post that date will be Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

    How long it takes, really hard to answer, he'll need to be medically downgraded and also have a few Med Boards first I think.

    Training etc, he should be entitled to full resettlement as if he was at his normal exit point.

    Money, again, depends on the injury. If it's down to an injury that has nothing to do with his Military Service, all he might get is his Service Pension. If the injury is Attributable or Aggrivated by Service, then he should get some money trough either the War Pension or AFCS.

    If you let me know some of this info, I might be able to help him a bit more, I know the War pension Scheme pretty well, been on it since MD's in '93
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