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Please feed back on the Freecycle and Freegle guide

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  • Blue___NileBlue___Nile Forumite
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    I have been on Freecycle/Freegle for a number of years and offered more than I have received and whilst I wholeheartedly support Freecycle I feel I have to point out there are a couple of downsides to this.

    Not often but it does happen, people offer things and then disappear off the face of the earth. So you apply for something and have no idea if its ever taken because they don't put it on site or reply to your email.

    Also lots of people are no shows when they say they will collect something, so you end up hanging about waiting for them and they don't. Thats ok if you have nothing better to do and sit in and wait but most people live busy lives and don't have time to do this.

    Lastly, some people seem to live on the site and grab things within minutes of items appearing which is unfair to those who can't (or have no wish to) access their computer 24/7. I'm often surprised when I check my emails to see an item has gone e.g at 10:07 and then receive an email at 10:11 for the same item thats offered! Just seems strange to me that the timing is backward...
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  • dorathydorathy Forumite
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    I have freegled lots of stuff. It is handy to pick up some of the gadgets others have ended up not using, or try out something you are thinking of investing in.
    You think it is great for a week and then you find you never use it and put it back on. Passing one can crusher electric defluffer etc around, saves everyone having a cupboard full of stuff they never use.
    Fancy satin sheets, plenty of used once ones I am sure. Don't buy new until you have tried sleeping in them and ironing them!

    Settee too deep you can't put your feet on the floor. Pick up that cottage suite, and put yours on!
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    In the last few weeks i've given away about 75 garden plants, i was amazed how many people answered my post and whenever i'm pruning in the future will always pop the cuttings into pots rather than putting them in the bin. If they start to grow, good i'll help others. I've given away a bike, the first person who asked me didn't turn up, why do they do that. This morning i offered someone quarry tiles but they were already fixed up. I don't think i've got anything yet from others, but Freecycle is a great idea.
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  • Best thing i've given away. a sony playstation, controllers, games and memory cards, plus a sony tv. we'd got bored of it, gave the whole lot to 2 young girls who came round with thier mum. the look on thier faces, was like xmas. Shame about all the "grabby" folk who ask for everything... my advice never offer to whoever replies first, give it a day and choose someone who'll use it.

    This week i got 2 pairs of lined curtains, with tie back and cushions with spare covers, all matching fabric. the fabric isnt something i'm keen on, but it isnt awful.
    My front room wall has a massive double patio door and then smaller window. they are odd size windows, but these fit!!! i'm happy
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  • Being now as im 52 I give my Drum set to a young kid better to see it carry on being used than to let it rot.
    Hope his parents have forgiven me :D
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  • I regularly recycle unwanted items on Freegle. A tip if you want to take an item that has been offered: good manners are everything. I know I am getting rid of clutter but please and thank you makes all the difference. I also appreciate a reason it helps me to sort out the huge list of people requesting an item. Also if you change your mind, let the giver know so they can offer the item to someone else. Turn up on time or let the giver know you will be late.

    I keep a note of people who reply to everything I offer, I suspect these may be sold on. Someone else has mentioned the grabbers, I have never actually managed to bag anything myself despite having put numerous items on offer, I lose out to the same people time and again.

    Despite that, its brilliant to be able to get rid of items you no longer want and other people do.
  • kevanf1kevanf1 Forumite
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    Please look out for the South Staffordshire/ West Midlands recycling/repurposing groups that run under both Freegle and Freeworld-Recycling. We are listed on Freegle and work as affiliated groups to them.

    A tip? Be nice to other members, your experience will be so much more rewarding and you will make a lot of new friends. Consider also joining your local groups 'cafe' group as you can get some great tips on local services from these which are not allowed on the main groups.
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  • It's not correct that you must make an offer first on Freegle. A few groups insist on it but most don't and never have. I have found new homes for all sorts of stuff. I recommend it to anyone who either needs a clear out or who is setting up a new home, you can save an absolute fortune.
  • Freegle sites are wonderful, however very few require anyone to offer an item before they can request one. I cna't speak for Freecycle.

    Virtually all Freegle groups recognise that some people need things and others have them to give way and they are not necessarily the same people.

    So item 9 is misleading and it would be a great shame if someone was put off from requesting something because they didn't have something to give
  • MojisolaMojisola Forumite
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    It's not correct that you must make an offer first on Freegle. A few groups insist on it but most don't and never have.

    Ours used to insist on this but doesn't now and we have a number of people who only take - most of these are probably selling on.

    Some reply instantly to offers with a non-specific reply - "I can collect this any time" - I assume these are traders and don't offer to them.

    I always give a day or two before offering so that most people have a chance to see the post.

    I check the history of people who ask for my stuff and if they have never offered anything, I don't usually give to them. Most people have something to offer, even if it's things that family or friends are getting rid of - ask if you can have them to pass them on through the group.

    Politeness goes a long way. A brief explanation - "My son has just got his first home and would make good use of your offer" is fine. I get put off by the sob stories and our group specifically asks people not to write the "My partner has just lost his job, I'm too depressed to work, my hamster is ill and unless my son gets given the latest iphone/an enormous TV/a car, his world is going to fall apart."
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