Do I have poor memory or is my bill really too much?

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I've moved into a new place and got the first quarterly bill. My place is a small 2 bedroom bungalow. I live alone, don't really cook much, have the usual basic appliances, all energy saving bulbs, a water tank with heater (set for 1 hour per night), electric shower and one electric oil radiator and one small storage heater.

The quaterly bill came to £260:confused:
In my old place (a 1 bed flat), I thought the most expensive quarterly bill was £90.

Does this quarterly bill sound right for what I have and I've just got confused about the bills at my previous place or is this really quite high for what I have?



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    That seems really high. My bills aren't that and there are 4 of us. I'm a SAHm so in quite a lot. I would ring supplier to double check your readings. Did you submit readings when you moved in? If not could you be paying for previous tenants usage?

    Rebecca xxxxxxxxxx
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    I've checked the readings and they seem right. Here's the details off the bill.
    It has the reading I gave them when moving in. I've checked the readings they have given and they seem right too.

    Day readings:
    Reading date Reading type Reading kWh
    27 Nov 2006 Customer read 55127
    20 Feb 2007 Meter Reader 56487 1360.00

    Night readings:
    Reading date Reading type Reading kWh
    27 Nov 2006 Customer read 70428
    20 Feb 2007 Meter Reader 72235 1807.00

    I dont understand why there are three rates either really but here's some more details.

    Electricity Charges

    For 3167.00 kWh consumed used over 86 days
    Base Rate 1 = 212.00 kWh at 22.399 pence per kWh 47.49
    Base Rate 2 = 1148.00 kWh at 13.13 pence per kWh 150.73
    Base Rate 3 = 1807.00 kWh at 2.756 pence per kWh 49.80

    Charge for Electricity used £248.02
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    There are three rates because:

    Rate 1 is a higher daytime rate as you don't have a standing charge, for the first x many units per quarter
    Rate 2 is the standard daytime rate
    Rate 3 is your nightime rate

    Do you have electric heating? If so, it seems a bit high, but not extreme for winter.
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    Yes, I have electric heating. One small storage heater and one oil filled radiator.
    At my old place, I had one small storage heater and one really large one. I know prices have gone up but that one oil radiator can't have made that big a difference. It's only on two thirds of the dial and used in the evenings.

    I've invested in a meter that you can plug in the wall and will go round anything plugged into a socket when it arrives to find out just what the appliances are using. Hopefully, if there's something drinking it then it will show up. Otherwise *shrugs*
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