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this is very easy if your paid weekly or even fortnightly takes a bit of planning if its monthly

if you get paid say on thursday

make your money stretch out to friday

next week saturday

next week sunday
and so on

till in 7 weeks you have 2 weeks wages to get !!!!

if your paid monthly then work out your spends week to week and the same will apply

if your on benefits and can possibly make it last that extra day
and I know thats hard

every 3 months or so you get a double giro !!!

helps with the bills


  • tru
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    I'm gonna try that, sounds good. I get paid weekly but hubby is paid monthly, so I'll have to do some maths ;D
  • cathy_3
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    dont do what I kept doing at first and come sat when I had to make it last to sunday say buggggeritt and use the money cos that delays you for a week

    try to not touch it till the sunday and if you can do without spening money on sunday then you start monday and bring your savings foreward a week ;D

    it took me a while but now i know every 6 weeks or so Ive got a "free week" with my money so can plan outings, buying something big, etc. its great

    another of my mums ideas that one ;D
  • pingu
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    cutting down on shopping and town centre trips we make out of boredom can make a big difference!

    also keep reminding yourself that do you really really need that thing ???
    Honesty is the best policy doesn't matter which web site
    you are on!

    if i had known then what i know now!

    a bargain is only a bargain if you really need it!
  • lswwong
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    Way to go Pingu!

    Shopping for necessities only is the right way to shop.

    Shopping as a recreation is ruinous.

    Saving up loose change is easy to do too. (There is a thread about this already.)
  • cathy_3
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    I looked up "consumer" it means to use up to destroy to lay waste

    thats us, with our bank balances !!! when we go on shopping trips,

    shop till you drop

    shopping therapy

    then you need therapy to cope with the debt when youve finished

    and if they dont get you through the "stuff" in the shops

    they get you through your stomach
  • lswwong
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    A plain philosophy for 21st Century savers is to declare their independence from consumerism.

    How did we enjoy ourselves before shopping, cinema etc overwhlemed our senses? How did people dress well aided only by their innate good sense and style before this labels milarky misleads people into thinking that style comes only with cash?

    Save up the easy way, find yourself and be yourself!
  • cathy_3
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    HEAR HEAR !!!!!
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    I work really well up against a limit!

    ie bottom of the overdraft or the line between the black and the red.

    So I've taken to fishing out anything available to keep me as close to the line as possible as of course then I couldn't possibly spend anything and go overdrawn etc! :D

    Bizarrely it really seems to work, even though I know where the money is stashed in the meantime (both pennies!)

    Now I just need to work out how to set up lots more piggybanks and piggyboxes and I'll be sitting nicely :)
    Do I Need One Stops All Unnecessary Reckless Spending
    £2 CSC - £30 :kisses3:
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    this also works if you're on a payg mobile tarriff - I normally top up weekly but am stretching it out to 8 days - which means that every so often I can not spend a fiver. Granted I'm a fairly light mobile user but that's still an extra fiver to spend or stick in with your savings or loose change collection every so often - every little helps!
  • 16011996
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    works with food shopping too, if you normally go once a week, leave it and extra day, two if you can, and eventually you'll have saved a weeks food bill.
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