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MSE News: EDF tops energy dissatisfaction league

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MSE News: EDF tops energy dissatisfaction league

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"EDF recorded the lowest score out of the so-called big six energy suppliers for complaints handling ..."


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    Click on this link to go direct to the Customer Complaint Handling Research report on the OFGEM website.

    And to go to the Consumer Focus press release about this (which also contains a link to the report) click here
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  • First they mess up my transfer in creating multitude of accounts after taking months to resovle this they now have sent me a revised diorect debit schedule based on presumed monthly usage actually greater than the whole 6 months of the winter months

    They are !!!! and Ill be leaving a.s.a.p
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    Edf energy have been a massive nightmare shocking customer service i won my complaint after months of complaining through the energy ombudsmen who won in my favour but edf still cannot bill me correctly they just state it is a computer problem this has now been going on over 14 months i can't wait to get out of my locked in deal they are a disgrace and need to be fined massively. I will now have to ring them every three months for them to generate my bill as they fail to do it automatically because they say its a computer problem it took them 13 months to bill me i had to ring them and force them to do it.:mad:
  • ConsumeristConsumerist Forumite
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    Don't think they understand English.

    Sacre bleu !
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  • alleycat`alleycat` Forumite
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    First to worst due to a "superb" IT Billing project.
    No surprise to me.
  • EDF tops dissatisfaction league? Quelle surprise. :p
  • PincherPincher
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    They should turn it into a selling point.

    "The Energy company for Masochists.
    We give you electricity for pleasure,
    customer service for pain."
  • I moved to EDF last June on a contract that finishes in September 2012. I had a bill at the end of September 2011, but after that received no bills and no email reminders for readings. I entered meter readings manually a few weeks ago and a bill was generated. They emailed me to say my monthly DD was going down from £64 to £46 per month. I appreciate that the lower usage was due to the winter weather and I was in credit, but EVERYONE should monitor there usage and adjust DDs accordingly so that they have no shocks next winter.
  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    "EDF recorded the lowest score out of the so-called big six energy suppliers for complaints handling ..."

    Well, who'd have thought it? That's about as much of a surprise as announcing that Jack the Ripper wasn't popular with streetwalkers.
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    EDF are the worst company to deal with ever!

    I've had multiple complaints with them going on for over a year. They have failed to answer a single complaint. Took the case to the ombudsman and won but they still haven't resolved anything and wont' answer the complaints I raised.

    Ombudsman was practically useless, I gave them all the evidence and they only addressed a small portion of it.

    Avoid EDF
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