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Hi all , can anyone answer the following qs for me please...

My father-in-law used to run a business from home but doesn't any longer. I've rung his electricity provider - who only provide business accounts - and they're ending the supply this weekend. I now need to find a domestic supplier asap...

Who is best overall provider? Or is it entirely dependent on location?

Can we still use a comparison site and get cashback incentives etc when we don't have a supplier at the moment?

Thanks in advance


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    Worth a shot ?
    So far as I'm aware none of the main distributors operate on 'Commercial Supply only' basis, the people who do are middle-men who will sell Power/Gas to businesses, which they themseves have bought from one of the main distributors.
    Suggest asking the present supplier who this main distributor is
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    Elec suppliers remain registered to the property until you decide to change. They will invoke a Deemed contract if the contract is ending and the rates can be unfavourable.

    Suggest checking who the supplier is first by checking who your MPAN is registered to. Usually the first two digits of the MPAN will give you the distributor, although due to the distribution market opening up, its not always the case anymore.

    A supplier can't deregister themselves from a supply. There is an industry process for "supplier-of-last-resort" for when they go into receiveship that is invoked by ofgem but they wouldn't do it for change of use.

    If they were allowed to do it, your could easily not register for months and the distributor would be stuck as there would be no supplier to pay for the consumption.
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