Contesting Power of Attorney


is anyone able to help. i am in a situation where i need to challenge power of attorney due to the money from some ones death not being split fairly.

are there ways to challenege this, can anyone give any advice?

Thanks in advance.


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    Well the simple answer is you bring your concerns to the attention of the Office of the Public Guardian.

    But you are going to need to explain it in rather more detail and more clearly than you have above. It's not clear who has lost out and why.

    Remember the primary duty of the holder of a power of attorney is to the donor - not to anyone else. They may well have no obligation to act 'fairly', whatever that means, to anyone else.

    If the donor is the person who has died, then the power of attorney is no longer valid. and shouldn't be being used at all.
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    Is what you mean to contest the actions of an executor?
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