Who is responsible for repairing fence?

I hope someone can help me with this question. :confused:

I moved into my house about 3 years ago and the previous owner had erected a rather ramshackle wooden garden fence on the left side - the neighbours did have a wire fence in place but they have since taken this down. Unfortunately in the heavy storms the fence blew down and I have had to do a temporary repair as I have a dog who keeps getting out. My question is whether I am now responsible for this fence or can I force my neighbours to secure the boundary?

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    The rule is that you are responsible for the fence at the right hand side of your property. You will need to approach your neighbour over this. The deeds of your property will show this is the case if you need back up.

    Hope this helps.
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    if you need to have a fence in place because of your dog ,then you should mend it.It is your responsibility to keep the dog in.
    Left hand rule only applies if that is what is written in the deeds.
  • Right hand side is not true in all cases. You will have to look at the deeds, it will say on there who is responsible for what.

    In my case, I only take care of the fence at the bottom of my garden, either side is taken care of by neigbours. Hard to explain but it's the way the gardens are laid out.

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    It depends which side of the property boundary the fence sits. The only true way is to check the deeds as robby said.
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    there is no right hand rule.
    and the deeds are very vague in my case! the scale is just too small to see. no one can say for certain whos is whos.
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  • If you see "T marks" on the plan, then these point in the direction of the owner who has to maintain the wall, fence or hedge.

    This link explains it.
    the way forward is the consumer action group .co.uk
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    check deeds our fences are shared on the deeds we replaced both fences as we have two dogs and would not like them roaming and pooing in neighbours garden.
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    Common sense normally rules in these cases as we often see in the papers the costs incurred when neighbours argue about fences. Decide what would be the best kind of fence and whether it is a diy job or you need to pay someone (in which case get some quotes) and speak to your neighbour.
    If push comes to shove then you may have to pay for it yourself.
    Personally I would always recommend slotted concrete posts as they make it so easy to replace damaged panels (I had to replace three at my MIL's house following the recent strong wind and it was really easy and relatively cheap)
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    If the posts are on your ground its yours to fix and vice versa xxx Well in Scotland anyway xxxx
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    If you can get your neighbour to agree to a shared cost, fine, but if not, I'd go ahead and put in a new fence if I wanted to keep my dog safe.
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