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What is your charity shop bargain of the week?

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What is your charity shop bargain of the week?

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koolkatsaffikoolkatsaffi Forumite
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edited 18 August 2014 at 2:02PM in Old Style MoneySaving
MSE Official Insert:

We love the charity shop bargain thread and love to highlight what you've spotted, including £2 Liboutin shoes! Click on the last few pages to read the latest bargains others have found.

Back to the original post...

Like many moneysavers I have a bit of an addiction to charity shops (CS) ...

In my opinion it is a win/win situation for all concerned and the BEST form of recycling...I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I buy items from CS - far more than if I brought the items from a high street shop - It is not just the money issue, It is the fact that my purchase will help others too...:)

I regularly trawl the local ones and frequently visit others further afield with friends as a girls lunch/day out...

After reading a few posts on MSE it was suggested that we start a new thread of posting our latest charity shop bargains and finds...

I will start...

This last week I needed a Mothers Day gift for my Mum in Law...I had already bought some gorgeous artificial full pom-pom head chrysanthemums that she had been cooing over in a local shop...I didn't want to just give her the flowers on their own, plus they would need an extra large vase to display them properly...The vases in the shops were silly prices (£20+) so I popped along to our local hospice shop where I found a fabulous, immaculate, tall vase perfect to display them in for just £2.50 :j

She was over the moon with them and so pleased with the vase!

So come on folks - What is YOUR latest bargain/find?

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply!

:heartpuls Gains & £'s saved..Far too many to mention! Needless to say I LOVE MSE! :heartpuls

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    prepareathomeprepareathome Forumite
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    Not going to mention past bargains will just start with Saturdays buy, just two things - a lovely long cotton skirt for the summer only £2 and a book I have been wanting to read for ages for £1 which is only a couple of years old and still £6.99 to buy.

    Edited as checked skirt when putting it away after washing and drying it and found its a per una Speziale from M&S so definitely not bad for £2
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  • PinkTigerPinkTiger Forumite
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    hi all,

    just wanted to let you fellow bargain hunters know that there is an existing thread on charity shop & car boot sale bargains over on the Ebay board. I found it by accident about a year ago.

    I'm not saying there should'nt be one here aswell, I actually like the fact this one is here as I visit this forum alot more than that one (mostly just a lurker) & as i don't drive I hardly ever go to boot sales, just local charity shops, so the bargains everyone finds make me jealous!

    anyway I hope the link works
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  • PinkTigerPinkTiger Forumite
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    forgot to add my last charity shop bargain- a lovely pressed glass cake stand for £2.99 to add to my collection.

    one of my most used charity shop finds is a potato ricer i got for 95p, had mashed potato every night for a week i was so pleased with my find!
    'there goes an old transexual, last seen heading south,
    her friends call her Bernie but her real name is Ralph'
    Felicia, Priscilla Queen of the Desert
  • xfive71xfive71 Forumite
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    Found 3 good quality battery operated toys from the likes of VTech and Fisher Price for my 1.5 year old for £2 each. They are sturdy and well-made and I hope to ebay them when the little one gets tired of them
  • luvvieluvvie Forumite
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    A lovely pair of brand new black suede shoeboots. They haven't been worn and they were the bargainous price of £2.99 they still had the original price sticker on the sole £45 :eek:

    A lovely burgundy velvet military jacket £2.49 and a gorgeous navy blue bag with brown leather straps and blue, green and burgundy sequin detail £1.99 both items from butterfly by Matthew Williamson. Love my charity shops, boot sales and jumble rummages!

  • NicepeachNicepeach Forumite
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    :T Thanks for starting koolkatsaffi :j

    I agree about the whole giving aspect of Charity Shop Shopping. Well done with the vase, glad she liked it.

    Thanks for the info & link PinkTiger. Didn't know it even existed, still finding my way around the Old Style board/threads & rarely look elsewhere so I'll have a look.

    Nothing to report for me so far this week but it is only Monday after all...

    However, did pop into local Hospice shop earlier today though as it's Mum's birthday soon & I'm thinking of doing a little tea party & inviting all her sisters so I'm looking for a pretty tea-set (matching cups & saucers -will need at least six - lots of aunties! side plates & sandwich plates kind of thing). They had a few but they were all quite chunky ones & I'd like a pretty china one if I can find one cheap enough. Got a few weeks so will keep looking.

    Thanks again koolkatsaffi. Really looking forward to hearing about everyone's finds. :)
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    dawn1980dawn1980 Forumite
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    Not charity shop but jumble sale. I bought two really nice (cotton trader) tops for 20p each.

    A week ago I bought a very versatile skirt (mars and spencers)and smart linen trousers (next) in a charity shop for £7.

    I'm getting better at going regularly and not expecting to buy a whole wardrobe in one trip. A nice piece every couple of weeks is good. I've mastered my sewing machine now which gives me options for alterations. (I have very short legs.)

    Our town has a swap shop at the end of the month so maybe a few freebies to be had.
  • mfwin2019mfwin2019 Forumite
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    My best bargain every was about 3 months ago, a lovely Radley handbag for £3.99 - I felt a bit guilty for all of 30 seconds as the lovely ladies in the shop obviously didn't know what it was - I love it & it gets lots of comments from my friends
  • NicepeachNicepeach Forumite
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    Hi dawn :wave:

    Hope you enjoy your bargains.

    I have short legs too! Am seriously considering getting a sewing machine to try & customise things but am not renowned for my patience or craft skills. As I said in another post my CS habit started a long time ago before petite ranges were widely available & I didn't mind paying CS prices & then have to pay the tailoring/alteration fees on top (nothing posh - just recommendations from friends of "ladies who can sew & don't charge much").

    I am intrigued about the Swap Shop you mentioned in your post. Never heard of this. Does everyone just bring things to swap? Do tell... (I have a vision of Noel Edmonds running it - does anyone else remember Saturday Swap Shop?! Oops showing my age now...:o).
  • tifftiff Forumite
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    Not a massive bargain but I volunteer in a CS and bought a brand new Harris Tweed double coin purse. Was going to give it for mothers day, as I know my MIL wants a clasp purse but decided to put it back for Christmas. Paid £4.99 and they are £15 retail so not a massive bargain but still pleased with it.
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