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Savings Diary *gambelling addiction*

redbull5 Posts: 312 Forumite
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Edited, would like thread deleted thanks. Sorry everyone
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  • kate_pixie
    kate_pixie Posts: 333 Forumite
    Hey Redbull5,

    I've seen you on the 12k thread and just wanted to pop in and show some support. Personally I know nothing about how to conquer addiction (as an overweight smoker I have no moral high ground) but you can get through this!

    Love the name btw (massive RBR fan)

    Best of luck


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  • redbull5
    redbull5 Posts: 312 Forumite
    edited 7 April 2012 at 9:14PM
    Can mods please delete this thread please
    From England - Live in Edinburgh and work as a bus driver
  • Lomcevak
    Lomcevak Posts: 1,023 Forumite
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    I just wanted to say 'good luck' too - can't help with the gambling side of things either (i've heard http://www.gamcare.org.uk/ are good) but to look at the positive, you've got a good wage for an 18 year old, a far better savings mindset than almost anyone your age, and I hope that
    If I didn't gamble I would be rich, but let's change that!!
    might be some motivation. In three years many people in your age group will be graduating with £30-40k of debt, you could be sitting there with lots of cash in the bank, a deposit for a house maybe if that's what you want or a chance to travel the world (or all sorts of other things) if not. Don't chuck it away on the 3:20 at Haydock...
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  • Sprinkles
    Sprinkles Posts: 32 Forumite
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    I was moved by your post. Firstly, as the previous poster said, you have done wonderfully; such a young age and you have been working hard and saving hard and for that you have to pat yourself on the back because many young people struggle to get employment and to use their salaries wisely.

    Secondly, from what you have said, it appears as if you have an addictive personality: you feel compelled to aquire more money and see gambling as a way of doing this. You will know that as a gambler you cannot 'win' because even if you did make a big money win, you would then start thinking that you could get even luckier next time and will subsequently gamble away those winnings.

    So, the answer? I can only think that if you do have an addictive personality then find something else that will give you the thrill that gambling seems to do. Also think about the money you have managed to put away and how that will grow (at your age I was penniless and I'm sure so were many others reading this forum) and please most importantly, stop beating yourself up about the money you have lost and thinking 'what if'. The money has gone, it's behind you, you must not think of it or dwell on it, because it will only make you miserable. I'm assuming you want to increase the money you have so that your life is better/happier, therefore only think from this day forward. Change your habits, fill your spare time, replace this addiction with something less harmful and recognise how well you have done. Best of luck
  • redbull5
    redbull5 Posts: 312 Forumite
    edited 7 April 2012 at 9:14PM
    Please delete thread
    From England - Live in Edinburgh and work as a bus driver
  • System
    System Posts: 178,107 Community Admin
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    Hi redbull5

    I just wanted to wish you luck on your way to freedom

    Keep at it and never give up, clearly you have the willpower to save as you've done it already, so just keep plodding away at it and you'll get there. I've never gambled myself cos I'm too tightfisted :) but I imagine it's hard to give up so if you can get support from your friends and family too that should help?

    Good luck

    Rosy x
  • Googlewhacker
    Googlewhacker Posts: 3,887 Forumite
    I suggest you look at getting this

    The Googlewhacker referance is to Dave Gorman and not to my opinion of the search engine!

    If I give you advice it is only a view and always always take professional advice before acting!!!

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