how often do you get a win?



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    Only started doing lots of comps two weeks ago, but have had eight wins already - only little ones, but they all count !

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    Only started doing lots of comps two weeks ago, but have had eight wins already - only little ones, but they all count !


    Woah! That's some good comping work/luck you've got going on! Keep it up :T
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    I'd say that I average 1 a week, but these are usually just small wins or what I call a really good freebie. I've just had a thought - if it wasn't for winning 1 of a 100 or 1000 then I'd probably never win anything.
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    I enter loads of comps. and average about 1 win a fortnight. Had a really good January, reasonable Feb. and nothing in March (yet!). Only small wins thus far, but tend to win a couple of "biggies" most years ... here's hoping :)
    Wins since 2009 = £17,600

  • I'm with the 'not very lucky' club I think! One win of a chocolate bar since I started comping back in January and plenty of time spent on it!:wall:

    I keep looking at my emails and phone in the vague hope some nice competition promoter contacts me...:doh:
    Makes my signature look a bit forlorn really!:(
    Occasional comper, even more occasional winner!
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    Normally 2-3 a month for me, generally small wins, but i guess every win is a bonus :) Still waiting on my first march win.
    Good luck for 2022 Comping! Stay Safe Everyone!

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    It varies from nothing for weeks to maybe 2 wins in a day. No pattern of wins, but then for me that's the interesting bit as I never know when a win may come along.
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  • ... Never :(

    Fingers crossed though!
  • Um last win was july last year lol but im still hoping lol :)
    2013 Wins: :j Box Of PG Tea :j 4 Day Moisture Body Oil Spray by Sanctuary‏ :jZebra Pen :jAzerbijan Eurovision Press CD :jMaking Breakfest Easy Book :j22 007 Films & 2 Aftershaves :j
  • Thanks to OP for this thread!

    Just looked back through my wins since I started almost a year ago and realised I won 33 prizes (worth about £1000) between starting in March 2011 and December 2011 (averaging just over one win a fortnight) and 4 prizes between January this year and today.

    Although I used to win more at the beginning than I do now it was a great reminder of some the the nice prizes I have won (for free!). Plus looking at it overall I have won 37 prizes in the 12 months I have been comping so that can't be bad.

    Reading through this has given me back the enthusiasm to enter more comps which I have been lacking over the past few months!
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