how often do you get a win?



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    I can only comp half the year so I really notice the difference.

    But when I'm home I average min 3 prizes per week (but I aim to enter 1000 comps per week so not that amazing really).

    However, I love the ones when I leave home and then suddenly I receive a wem when I've not entered a comp for a few weeks but due to closing dates etc?

    I just love comping and all the fab people I've met. :D
  • PechowPechow Forumite
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    Never! Been doing this since August, enter 50+ a day
  • I have been comping since February and haven't won anything yet but i am determined to win at least 1 thing in the next year hehe:rotfl:
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    oh yeah same here, helps take away the pain im in

    doesnt stop me imagining winning though lol

    We all need our dreams.
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  • It really does vary - some months I can have almost a win every day - other months NADA

    This month so far I've had 1 little win and that's it.

    All down to luck - just keep entering as many as you are able and hopefully you'll soon be winning.
    Not really comping any more as too ill - but hoping to win £1000+ in 2017 in cash prizes - watch this space!
  • coco1277_2coco1277_2 Forumite
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    I have been comping every day for 3 years and only had 1 win and that was August 2010 , I won £50 shopping vouchers from take a break .

    I dont know what I am doing wrong :cool: I feel very disheartened looking at all the wonderful wins you have all had , but as they say you have got to be in it to win it lol
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    Last year I got around 2-3 a week, and this year has been terrible, have beed doing exactly the same amount of comps and only had a few wins since December :( will keep going though :)
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    I've been comping and entering hundreds upon hundreds of comps for about two years, and I've not won a single thing! So when people say they only get one or two a month, I think 'waaaa?!' Don't get me wrong, this has only made me more determined than ever =D
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    Havent had a win for ages so getting a bit disallusioned now and might give it a rest!
  • lisi10lisi10 Forumite
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    I average about 2 a month, Had 2 wins yesterday so I guess that's my wins for March! I get disheartened if I haven't won in a while, but then a win turns up and it's the best feeling ever, even if it's just a mascara or something.
    I know I could never give up on comping now, it's fun, and there's nothing else I would be doing so it's a great hobby and a way to fill my time!
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