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Letter of administration

Hi can anyone please tell me if there are any links on here about letter of administration.Mother passed away without leaving a will and we need to sort it, thanks forany help.


  • motherbmotherb Forumite
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    Thankyou for your help
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    Sorry for your loss. dzug has given you a good link, you'll have to click on to others, but the Probate Service really are very helpful and understanding, knowing that for many of us it's the 'first time', and for all of us contacting them we're likely to be grieving.

    If it's a simple estate then it really shouldn't be hard to sort it all out. Do post any specific questions you've got and we'll see if we can help.
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    I used all the forms etc given on this site (the DirectGov site probably links into there).

    The estate was under inheritance tax limit and completing the Letters of Administration form and the accompanying tax form was EASY.

    You will be using the same form as 'Probate' (something I was marginally confused about at first).

    I got
    1) Probate/Letters of Administration form
    2) How to complete above
    3) HMRC form
    4) How to complete HMRC form (blimey - 44 pages, gave me a fright initially)
    5) Full list of where to send the forms, dependent on where you live or where you want to go for your 'Letters of A' interview
    6) What will happen at the interview and how long it'll take (swearing the oath etc)
    7) Current costs of Probate/Letters of A. £104 plus £1 for each copy you require - I've asked for several.
  • motherbmotherb Forumite
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    Thanks all, will have a go at them if not sure i will be back for your help
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