Every forum should have a Sloppy Saver!!

Hi guys,

I started a thread in this very forum called "Don't pay off your mortgage early!!". Generally it was well received, several people disagreed with my views and so a balanced, sometimes heated debate grew. This is exactly what I was hoping for, so that people (including myself) were given two sides to the POYM strategy and could decide if it was pertinent for them.

What I didn't expect were complaints from certain people* who said that I should be thrown off the website because my view differed from theirs and that this forum was ONLY for like-minded people.

The trouble with exclusively having like-minded people in a forum is that no one questions the advice spouted by well meaning (or not) individuals who have very little financial or legal experience.

The following thread gives an example of this sort of advice. A poster was considering going bankrupt and was offered advice about what would happen to her partner's pension. Lot of well meaning, like-minded people got together and advised her that the pension was safe, so bankruptcy was an option. Step in "Super Saver", saviour of the Mortgage Free Wannabe's and now the Debt Free Wannabe's too:


Don't shoot the messenger just because you don't like the message, and don't ignore advice just because it opposes your own viewpoint. Every choice has pros and cons, lets hear everybody's view guys!

*(you know who you are)


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