how do you think your kids would cope?

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I was talking to an old farmer the other day as a family walked past with a little boy crying for an ice cream,
mum was saying "no, you had 2 already today" which made him promptly throw a tantrum and throw himself to the floor in a rage!!

when theyd picked him up and carried him kicking and screaming along the road the farmer said

"when I was a boy about 8 I'd never had any money never a penny as there were no shops near us, never even seen a shop in my life. someone in school gave me a comic and in the back was an advertisement for a catapult for threepence (old money 1p)

I went home and asked my father for a penny to send off for the catapult and a penny for the stamp.

He looked at me horrified and didnt answer me and I thought he was thinking it over.

next day he brought me home a little collie puppy and said " here you are, this is a way of you making money, you train him and look after him and keep him helathy. when hes trained you can use him to round up sheep for the shepherds, he can catch rabbits which you can sell for meat and the skins and you can train him so well, you can enter competitions with him,

now Ive given you the means of making your own money DO NOT ever come to me and ask me for money as long as I live. because if you do, It means you failed to look after your buisness ie your dog.

and from that day till the day he died when i was 56 my father never gave me a penny. I did the same with my sons and ive never had to give them any money either."

I was imagining someone in tower hamlets giving their kids a sheepdog and telling them to go help the shepherds

;D ;D ;D

just shows tho, times were hard :P :P :P


  • trafalgar_2
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    First they'd say I'd lost the plot..................
    .............then they'd ask if I could get a refund on the dog ;D
  • cathy_3
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    mine would have lost the dog as well as the plot !!!
  • Wishfairy
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    My kids wanted hamsters. When I asked how we were to pay for the hamsters, cages food etc my 9 year old came up with a plan...

    Buy a boy and a girl hamster with money borrowed from the 'mummy bank'. Wait. Sell resulting baby hamsters to met repayments. (following strict guidlines about what's good for hamsters)

    I agreed, on principle, but pointed out that it might be hard to home the babies and result in us spending more on cages, food etc.

    At this point the smart-@rse asked an assistant if they would buy babies back off us... now we breed hamsters ::)
  • cathy_3
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    wow, what a moneysaving expert of the future

    what about hamsterjam and coats ??


    only kidding

    the claws are too scratchy for a coat arnt they??
  • presterjohn
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    I remember a couple of years ago my then partner was moaning about being short of cash and on the way to the poor house, her 15 year old daughters advice was to go to the cashpoint machine. She genuinly believed that was what you had to do when you ran out of money.....If only!
  • scheming_gypsy
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    i think i've dated her daughter
  • cathy_3
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    when my son (for purposes of data description we will call him "omen 1" was about 7 he asked for money for sweets and I said no he sighed and said

    wish I was a lady!

    "why?" I asked a bit worried

    cos dads have to go to work for money

    and mums just go to the bank and they give it to them
  • wirm
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    When I was younger, I had my mum and dad wrapped round my little finger.

    I could eventually get what I wanted out of them! lol

    O to be young again! :(
  • cathy_3
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    ill adopt you cos my kids can still do that to us

    and they are 29 and 25 ::) ::) ::)
  • wirm
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    Beleave me! You couldn't cope with me! ;)
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