Gas and Electric supplier-I am confussed are you

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I am wanting to change from Powergen on electric and gas with British Gas. I should explain.. I have two electricity supplies in the house with a meter in the garage and a meter in the hall, of the house. Why I dont know but that is the way I bought the house.

Powergen say that they are not able to give me one bill for my elecricity and I therefore have two bills and two standing charges. I have put up with this for a year now and really want to put all my Gas and Electric in ONE total bill that I can set a standing order up to pay..

I am very confussed though.. Can anyone offer any advise? I have been to the links on the site and tried the Uswitch link and another and this indicates that Scotish Power have a good deal.. I dont know if they could cope with my two meter situation but I would like to discuss with them.. I dont like to do this over the web and would prefer to talk to them. Does anyone have a contact number for them please or offer alternative suggestions please.

Many thnks

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    email me I have a suggestion.

    [email protected]
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    Tell powergen that unless they give good will to cover the additional cost of the standing charge you will leave them.

    THey might just value ur custom

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  • Pgen have scrapped all standing charges from today
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    Powergen will be disguising the charges within their standard rates (which I bet have been increased to take account of the standard charge) this is called confusing marketing.
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    ok... for those who have no idea!

    there are two forms of tariff for most companies:

    1). standard tariff

    2). no standing charge tariff

    All suppliers have to pay a fee to transco and siemens (or other elec distributor) for meter rental, maintainence, etc. This fee is passed onto the customer and used to be called the standing charge. However, British Gas swapped to an entirely no standing charge Tariff, which is a two tier tariff, where the standing charge is incorporated in the higher unit rate, which is the same for all companies. BG then had the bright idea of sending reps round to peoples houses stating that they will save the equivalent of the standing charge because they did not have one. Which, in its own right is a legal statement. The problem however, is that the reps did not explain the two tier rates, leading customers to believe they would be saving more money than they actually would. Since then, suppliers have been forced to introduce no standing charge tariffs in an attempt to pre-empt customers leaving because their new supplier does not have a standing charge.

    Therefore, which ever tariff you chose, you will pay part of the charge towards standing charge, no matter what the reps tell you.

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  • loon,
    100% correct.

    However I am not certain that answers the original question.

    I have an annex with separate gas and electricity meters.
    I tried several companies and all required separate accounts which entailed a standing charge or(as you rightly say) a 2 tier rate.

    In my case the annex is little used so it is advantageous to have the 2 tier system as for 3 quarters in the year the total charges for the consumption of gas & electricity are less than the previous standing charge. Sometimes with the dual fuel rebate and paperless billing(with BG) I make a 'profit' ie rebates are more than charges.

    The simple answer for ukbuyer would be to get the electricity supplier to wire the garage through the house meter - but I appreciate that may be costly if the garage is detached.

    BG keep saying they will soon have the facility to combine Gas and Electricity on one standing order - but it hasn't happened yet as far as I know. So I have 4 standing orders each month with only a nominal amount(£1) for my annex.
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    [move]Loon seems to be angry, lol[/move]
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    Agree with Robert,the best long term answer would be to get an electrical contractor to supply the garage from the house provided the house supply is strong enough to take the additional load.

    You have to balance the approx standing charge of£40p/a against the cost of running a new cable to garage which would be a few hundred pounds.
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    I have just switched my gas and electric, a quick decission and now I dont know if I did the right thing.
    I was with british Gas and was not happy with paying 22.54 p for the first 123 kw,and 9.87 there after, my electric bill for 3 months was 161 pound.
    I just switched to E-on on line with 15 pound cash back.
    But their prices are 20.10 for the first 225 and 11.51 for there after.
    I was going over to southern electric but was not happy with 14.64 for the first 364.
    My gas bill is fine, as that comes in cheap.
    I dont know if I have made the right choice, I have a fee if I cancel it.
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