Best place to order flowers online?



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    Do people realise the OP posted in 2012?
  • Hi,
    I have used Bunches before and they were always good.
    I had also used Flowerfete but whether they have changed ownership or amalgamated with others, I don't know because their communications come up as Iflowers.
    Had I read the reviews on Iflowers, I would never have ordered from them however I didn't and sincerely regret it.
    The flowers were ordered as part of an anniversary and birthday present for my wife, Three bunches consisting of 60 red roses. Half of them withered by the next day and all had died just one day after our anniversary. I emailed them the day after my wife received them and emailed them two or three more times to ask for my money back. So far I have been offered a fresh bunch of flowers and a £5 voucher!
    Why would anyone spend a penny more on such a poor performing company so the £5 voucher is useless and I have told them that another bunch of flowers (I ordered 3, 60 red roses in all) is not acceptable and I want my money back.
    Just think you should look at company reviews before choosing, as I should have done, then I would have seen 167 one star reviews with some people saying they couldn't give 0 stars. There were no other reviews above 1 star!
  • I am laughing at your message as I was so angry about poor service on flower delivery. Seeing this message asking for recommendations I just wanted to let them know not to choose a company I dealt with. After feeling pleased that I had warned another potential victim I read through some of the reviews and saw your comment! lol
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    AVOID! - iflorist - Flowers, Bubbly, Chocolate and Card, DELIVERED A DAY LATE! Also, MESSAGE ON CARD LEFT BLANK!!! Recipient had no idea who sent them!! Phoned complaint to customer service who promised to get back to me and didn't. Phoned twice more but totally dismissed!!! Emailed three times and totally IGNORED. APPALLINGLY RUDE! Totally UNRELIABLE and INCOMPETENT.
  • For sending gifts like roses or flowers, cake, sweets and chocolate hampers to india for the special occasions like birthday, anniversary or special days like mother's day and valentine's day, is probably the best option. Many buyers prefer FNP or any renowned online florist in India. However, many of them are always disappoint to receive the kind of service they receive from such renowned florist in India. I have been using the services of for past couple of years and it has never ever disappointed me. Rather it has always delivered the best service exceeding my expectations. Its support team is very helpful and sensitive to our specific needs. Their personal follow up for each and very order is just awesome. is though is not very popular name in Indian online florist yet the kind of service this offers, makes it a stand out of the crowd among florist in india. Tried and experienced many times and I would personally recommend it for sending flowers, cake and gifts to india for best ever prices and value for your money.
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    Ha! I'm not sending to India!!!

    Sent flowers with Bunches last month- almost the cheapest I could find online. Went thro Topcashback so a little extra saving.
    Flowers ordered at 3.30pm and arrived next day
    My friend said they were very pretty- multiheaded colourful carnations, couldn't have done better if I had bought from a local florist- her words. She expected them to last a long time as they arrived in bud.
    Being polite and pleasant doesn't cost anything!
    If you found my posting helpful please hit the "Thanks" button!
    Many thanks

  • I have tried with Switlovin for sending flowers to one of my relation in Moscow and proved they are expert in online. They delivered the bouquets in ontime. Also they are providing Same and next day deliveries too. So is best choice for all kinds of online flower or gifts delivery to moscow, st petersburg Russia.
  • I want to know Best place to order flowers online also:T
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  • I've used these a few times and I've always been happy:
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