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    Case in Question - Ordered flowers for Delivery Mother’s day 2014.
    Ordering on-line was straightforward and easy, selected the date for delivery.

    Now The bad stuff
    • · Flowers arrived in a damaged box
    • · Oasis had dried out
    • · Excessive bruising to the flower heads
    • · Crushed and broken leaves and stems
    Immediately contacted iFlorist with my issue they said they could re-ship for delivery after mother’s day, this was not acceptable for me (I needed flowers for Mother’s day). I requested a refund they responded saying I needed to send evidence of the damage which I did immediately (within an hour of receipt of the goods).
    • · Emailed [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] 28/03/2014
    • · Raised a support ticket 01/04/2014
    • · Re-Contacted 04/04/2014
    • · Still No Response - Re Contacted 15/04/2014
    • · Still No Resolution Re-Contacted 23/04/2014
    • · :mad: First Response from Customer Service 28/04/2014 – An email with a £5 Gift certificate as Goodwill LOL
    [FONT=&quot]o [/FONT]I refused the gift certificate – requesting that a full refund was the only option
    • · 1 Hour Later Received an email saying Flowers had been despatched
    • · Received Un-wanted replacement flowers 29/04/2014
    iFlorist in my case have had a no refund policy, Mother’s Day cost me Double because of buying replacement flowers locally. All I required was a refund because my order was damaged and replacement was not an option.

    I will never buy from iFlorist / Colonial Gifts ever again

    Wish I read Twitter first #iflorist masses of the same complaints

    @iflorist [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
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    I use Asda - my Mum always likes what I send
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    ive just received a stunning bunch from my niece from Moonpig
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    I always use Bunches their customer service is fantastic and the flowers always look fantastic and last ages. They have a good range and lots of added extras plus the posy points you get which give you a discount are a nice touch as are the chocolates you get free
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  • More :spam: reportedby flowersxxxx
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    iflorist are the worst company - look them up on praise vent and warnings board :O
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    A couple of times I used this delivery service to submit to parents in Kazakhstan. Flowers & Gifts come always fresh and on time. :): J
  • I go through topcashback and see what florists have good deals on. I recently used moonpig and had some lovely sunflowers delivered in time for a friend
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    I sent some from Debenhams this year. They arrived in time and were very well received. I didn't see them myself as they went to the other side of the country. If going locally I use my local florist who do lovely arrangements a bit cheaper but they only deliver locally.
  • To be honest I would just ring up the local florist(to her) and order her a bouquet or whatever from them. At lest you can walk into the shop if you have cause to complain.

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