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This is my first visit and somehow it feels like a big step !
I am a, relatively new, single parent. Massively in debt .... I reckon I should have it all paid off by 2099 .... 
Your stories , helpful members & tips look like they may help me to begin the long process of sorting this mess out. Emotionally , finally in a good place , financially - it's dire !
But , I just wanted to say , your stories are all encouraging & it's given me the push I needed to start sorting this out !
Thanks x
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  • Hello and welcome :wave:

    It is daunting at first, I did nothing but read, read, plan, read and read a bit more with not a lot of doing to start with, but soon things fell into place. We're getting there and you will to. :D
    You have to start to finish.

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  • JRsrule
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    Hello and welcome from me, too !

    Money is rarely easy, and debt is always difficult. You have made a big decision to deal with your debt and you will find so many good ideas on MSE. One of the first things I learned is that no matter how bad it seems, there's someone out there who has been there too (and maybe even worse) and the next thing I learned is that there's alot of really great folk here who are helpful, kind and generous with their ideas and inspiration. Welcome aboard :T

    Good luck to you
  • Hovel_lady
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    Hello and welcome to MSE :hello:

    If you want any help with sorting out the debts etc post up a SOA (statement of affairs - link below) and we'll try to help.

  • Coco114
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    Thank you all so much - it's nice to know i am not on my own !
    2 big steps already for me - for 3rd day in a row I have checked my bank balanc coming from someone who couldn't open a bank statement for 6 yrs that's a good feeling ! Also went out for milk but didn't have a penny on me - normal process ? Withdraw £20 and I would have just spent the rest & that thought made me cross ! So back to car & checked all nooks & crannies to find coins so I wouldn't have to take money out ..... I am now £3.00 up  2 weeks ago I would have been £20 down !!!
    Babysteps ! Thanks again all if you - will look at PS at wknd x
    The final chapter - £4893 to go out of £30K
  • Hi and welcome to the Forum... is great to have you here!!! Like you, I joined fairly recently and have got so much out of it!... Check in each day and try new challenges - it really helps... I get inspired by reading your posts also... I think if you can get (and stay) in an emotionally good place... the rest sort of follows on!... so well done for getting to that point... The foundations for a new life are in place... and every penny you save is like adding a brick to those foundations... building something new and solid just for you! Hugs x
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  • mavvymoo
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    Hi Coco and firstly welcome and well done for your first post.

    I am a newbie too and have had so much help and inspiration on these boards.

    I found 21 unopened bank statements and dreaded going to the cash machine in case I was over the overdraft and couldn't get any money.

    Those days have gone and I am on my way with major hiccups along the way but still trying and will get there. :)

    So I wish you all the luck in the world and keep posting:)

    Debt free and Mortgage free thank you to all for your encouragement and advice
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  • Hi coco, mavymoo
    Also a newbie. Sounds silly but the other forum I was most often on was about holidays abroad that I joined a while back to plan a holiday. But they were always buying something...not good for a fresh mindset.

    I'd been a member on here but not used forum for just reading and inspiration till a month ago...so I totally agree with reading people's back stories and seeing their successes.

    I love your tale of hunting round the car...mine needs a good clean out (kids mobile) so I might be inspired to do that today to find some loose change for my jar!!

    Anyway new year new start new mindset with a few newbies to keep you company too! Good to have you on
    2012 - DFW! taking positive steps forward, and it's only [STRIKE]January![/STRIKE] February :T

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  • Hi newbies,

    Great to have you here. I'd say take some time, make a cuppa and sit down and start reading and learning. That's what I did at the start. As I read more I realised I wasn't alone as I had been feeling and not as useless as I'd feared. There is a an awful lot of knowledge and support to be had here and you will all contribute to that to - which is ACE!

    Best of luck
  • Coco114
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    Hi All - good to know I am not the only one who is new to all this. I have noticed little changes already, like being 10 mins late for work today - I got in my car with my precious £3.00 ....... thinking its Friday and I would treat myself - then I got back out - went back and made porridge (I never normally eat breakfast) and made myself sandwiches to take with me. I am bound and determined to hang on to that £3.00 as long as I can :)
    Am going to do my budget this weekend and also work out what I owe - not going to pretty, I am guessing at about £25,000 but will see.
    One thing - what should I be realisticly allowing for a family of three and 3 cats, for groceries for a month ? i was thinking £300.00 but is that too much ?
    Many thanks all xx
    The final chapter - £4893 to go out of £30K
  • hey you inspired me too!
    cleaned out the car and found £2.09! woohoo.
    Gave £1 of it to DS as he helped with the hoovering - trying to encourage my two kids to be savers, they're doing really well with their own money boxes at the mo!
    2012 - DFW! taking positive steps forward, and it's only [STRIKE]January![/STRIKE] February :T

    Feb nsd: 6/6 :T
    £2 pot challenge: 5/50 :)where are they all?
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