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You may have seen an earlier stoozing thread indicating that I'm hoping to slow stooze on credit cards and transfer money to my mortgage account:

On 18th January Nationwide launched their Select credit card which gives 18 months @ 0% on purchases:

This looks ideal for me and I could theoretically see my mortgage out by switching spending to this card, pay off roughly the minimum amounts and use freed up cash to overpay the mortgage, then use the remainder of the 18 month term to clear the 0% debt (without having the mortgage).

I guess that only Nationwide would be able to answer this, but any idea how long this 18 month 0% deal could last?

I don't want to miss out on the offer, yet don't want to pitch in too early while I've got credit left on my Tesco 0% for 15 months card.

Suspect Nationwide will have a quota / market share they will want to attain before the offer is pulled, but if I call them, would a customer service rep know any details about how long the offer is likely to run?

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    I had a conversation with a Barclaycard rep on a similar matter about a balance transfer after activating my new card and was asking how long I could wait before making the intended transfer. Despite repeated attempts to get an answer he would only keep saying "the offer can be withdrawn at any time"
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  • I've just taken out a nationwide mortgage and in the process of moving my bank account to them too

    when i asked about a credit card - the select card would only be offered after 3 months of transferring my bank account
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    Hiya mate.

    Its not the fault of CS. Employees are hardly told of when a promo or offer will end. I know this for a fact. It can and will be withdrawn anytime.

    One day you come to work and half the crap has changed.
    This happens on a two week basis in financial systems. Its a headache for employees.

    Personally i would say by Q2 end it MAY disappear.
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    Decided that in the grand scheme of things, a few weeks here 'n' there extra at 0% isn't going to matter too much, so today applied for the Nationwide 0% - 18 months card.

    Have been provisionally accepted with a credit limit of £7,500 which I think isn't too bad is the current economic climate. Already have £4k slow stoozed on the Tesco card and aiming to slow stooze the £7,500 with the released funds put towards savings / overpaying the mortgage.

    Financial Bliss.
    Mortgage and debt free. Building up savings...
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