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return to IKEA with no receipt

We have recently bought new kitchen worktops from IKEA. Our carpenter has told us that they are no good to use with our existing kitchen cupboards as they are too thin and not wide enough. We no longer have the receipt (we only got them 2 weeks ago) but do have a bank statement confiming the payment (we paid by debit card). Would we be likely to get a full refund? Even though they are not technically "faulty" there is no way they can be used. I will contact them directly but thought someone here may also be able to help?


  • fluffpotfluffpot Forumite
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    They say that if you have no receipt then you need to take a bank or credit card statement with you to show proof of purchase. Can you not get your bank to send you one? Or print one off from the internet?
    Assuming they were off the shelf worktops and not specially made then this would be OK.
    If you have a god attitude with the returns staff this can help too -in the end they didn't look at my credit card statement - but my return was for only around £30

  • JimmyTheWigJimmyTheWig Forumite
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    They are not faulty, so they are under no obligation to take them back.
    If they are "off the shlef" items - i.e. not anything made specifically for you - then you should be able to take them back but I would imagine that the best you can hope for is a gift card.

    If they're in brand new condition but out of their box then I believe you can still return them but they'll take a percentage to cover their costs.
  • I thought that might be the case. They were off the shelf and are still in the original packaging so hopefully they will help. If not we will have some credit to spend there! Thanks for your help:)
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