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Bus Lane penalty charge help!

Hi, trying to help out my mum here, so after advice please.

After accidently turning down a bus lane only street (in complicated area of Reading!) and only noticing at the point of no return... a letter from the Reading council was to be expected! This arrived 6 weeks later, with a special code on to pay the £60 fine online/by phone which turned out (a few days before the deadline) to not be recognised either on the automated line or the paying site. No number anywhere or instructions on how to call and speak to anyone regarding the problem. Rang the council them selves - wrong department, give automated number again... seemed to just go around in circles... Grrr!
Hear nothing until after xmas and recieve another letter - but this time its a order for recovery notice, its been passed to TEC, another pay within 21 days and a diff code - but this time, its recognised... except out of time - turns out the letter is dated a month ago (can i proove its only just arrived!? no post mark on envelope - hand del?)
almost immediatly (while we are trying to work out what to do and pay the now £95 fee) 2 days later a baliff turns up from ''collect services limited'' stating the charge is now £267.14 and has to be paid immediatly. mum didnt let him in or pay anything but agreed to call him back in 24hours.

Anyone know what I can do for mum - if anything?
Thought about ringing council directly again and insisting on speaking to somebody maybe try to get them to take it back (then pay them the £95 and sack off the baliff) or can i call the TEC, is there any way to avoid paying the baliff fees?

Thanks for any advice.


  • Trebor16Trebor16 Forumite
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    There is no point in contacting the council at this stage as you will be referred back to the bailliffs. You need to get over to ASAP and post over there. I think the other thing to do is contact bailliffonline (I can't remember the exact name but they should know at pepipoo) and get advice as they will also know what to in relation to the baliff.
    "You should know not to believe everything in media & polls by now !"

    John539 2-12-14 Post 15030
  • You need to post this on the council forum on they are the experts on this, you will need to scan everything in minus details that identify you mother. Host them here and post the links in the new thread you create over there. Please answer all questions you are asked, they will probably advise bailiffadviceonline. Tell your mother to hide the car or they will take it or clamp, put in a lock up garage or your place if it's not adjescent to your mothers.

    Good luck
    Excel Parking, MET Parking, Combined Parking Solutions, VP Parking Solutions, ANPR PC Ltd, & Roxburghe Debt Collectors. What do they all have in common?
    They are all or have been suspended from accessing the DVLA database for gross misconduct!
    Do you really need to ask what kind of people run parking companies?
  • Thanks for the advice - I shall go to that website now.

    Her car - has attually been sold now anyway, so they can hunt for it all they like (she has no vehicle on her property)!

    Thanks again
  • Trebor16Trebor16 Forumite
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    One thing to remember with bailiffs is that they cannot force entry to a property or try and prevent you from closing your door. But they can enter through an unlocked door or window so make sure doors and windows are securely locked.

    It is crucial that you do not let them in because once they have gained entry then they can force entry on subsequent visits if required. The way they are handled on the first visit is crucial.
    "You should know not to believe everything in media & polls by now !"

    John539 2-12-14 Post 15030
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