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Spill the beans... on your best free romantic memories

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  • We live in a busy house with two teenagers and a toddler so there isn't much opportunity for romance. However, last year I laid out on my partners side of the bed some sexy underwear and negligee in my female form and laid a note on top with promises and messages of love. It is very rare that we get into bed at the same time and I am nearly always asleep so I went to bed as normal and he found his surprise when he went to bed.

    It may not have meant a hugely romantic night on that particular day but, being very busy and hectic all the time it did help to remind us of more relaxed days and brought us back to that. He talks about it all the time but of course I now have to think of a way to top it!

    My plan this year is to leave a trail of clues and messages around the house, using photographs of special occasions and happy memories (ticket stubs, gift tags etc - all that stuff you keep in a box because it means something but never look at again!) for him to collect so that we can sit down at the end with a glass of wine in front of a real fire and reminisce.

    Wish me luck!:)
  • For Valentines day this year I found a short piece of writing about him being "the one" in a column in a magazine. It rang so many bells that I re-typed it with a slight alteration,printed it and laminated it on a piece of credit card sized card so it can be kept in his wallet.:A
  • This valentines we exchanged personalised cards (ordered online for free) we are going on a date to see Titanic in 3D (free from sky rewards). We will take Dr pepper (free with coupon) and dairy milks (free with coupons), then go for dinner (free £100 competition win meal gift voucher). We got each other naughty token gifts (free from Ann summers with £5 voucher). A perfect day for the coupon kids.
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    It was our first date and our first goodnight kiss.
    As we embraced our lips met.
    And yes I could even tell what gum he was chewing at the time.
    Cue last date... ;)
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