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Spill the beans... on your best free romantic memories

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  • bladesuk1 wrote: »
    ...and i have some origami skills from a misspent childhood.

    So i made my wife a dozen white paper roses.

    I'm still getting brownie points for this several years later :)

    oh wow too cute! X
  • katyboo123 - that is really lovely!!!:T How cute and for a guy to do that at 6th Form age is ever better :A
  • vcb1981 wrote: »
    katyboo123 - that is really lovely!!!:T How cute and for a guy to do that at 6th Form age is ever better :A

    Aw I know, he was so lovely, we stayed friends for quite a while and on my birthday at Uni the day my parents split up he went and bought me Bullseye off Toy Story and the two movies and came round with Chinese and Chocolate! Bless him X
  • Best ever idea, if all else fails... Mixtape :)

    And I mean a genuine Mixtape... with genuine stickers a real cassette! :)
  • My now fiance, unexpectantly turned up for the Valentine's weekend last year as I was working away at the time.
    He brought loads of dvds and we had a dvd marathon. I also used the moulds from my fairtrade advent calender (which were hearts) to make us little Valentine's treats.
    :jTaking control of my finances:j
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    My husband had been moaning that I gave him boring sandwiches so I once packed him sandwiches with cardboard in with a note on the card that read 'Yum, Yum, smoked salmon'. He opened them in the middle of a meeting - I had also packed him some other, more tasty treats. But, on Valentine's Day I sent him in with heart-shaped pilchard sandwiches which he thought were very romantic - he loves pilchards.:D
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    katyboo123 wrote: »
    Ok, so this was 12 years ago but still goes down in history as a very cute, romantic memory.

    I had just started 6th form college. It was an 11-18 school actually, so everyone there had grown up together, except me as I'd come from a different school. It was also RC, so faith (or loathing for the faith), plus childhood memories bound everyone together and I was super nervous, being CofE and also not from the school... did I mention that already? Anyways, in my first few weeks I got a lot of attention as the new girl and at a few of our 6th form dances I got asked out by a couple of guys - but they just didn't interest me. Eventually one guy, who I'd not even noticed asked me out and I, as usual, said no - but he was so confident and funny and he said one day, you and me will be together I can just tell. I laughed it off.

    In form class one day we had to do this really rubbishy task and draw a picture of ourselves in our happiest place - our utopia. It was supposed to invoke some kind of self awareness I just thought it was a great chance to draw rather than study A Level French which was kind of taking its toll at this point... :rotfl: A few of us then had to describe the place where we had drawn ourselves. I drew (and got picked to stand up and describe) myself, wrapped up in lots of layers, scarf, hat, mittens, boots on Redcar beach completely alone, with not another soul on the beach - it was Winter after all (in my pic!). I'd drawn the sun shining down and the wind in my hair. I explained that I loved the clarity the fresh Winter's air gave me and the peace and serenity I felt being alone in such a vast space. Someone giggled at the cr*p I'd spouted the picture went in the bin and off we went to next lesson.

    A few months later I started going out with that cheeky chap, and on Valentine's Day when we'd been going out about 2 months, he called me at 6am to tell me to get dressed, wrap up and meet him at the train station. I did so obediently and I had no idea what for! (obviously you have probably guessed by now) He took me to that same beach and handed me the picture I'd drawn, slightly crumpled rescued from the bin, he told me it was the most beautiful thing he'd heard anyone say and that it had made him pursue me more than just my nice bum (oh how I wish I could turn back the clock :rotfl:). Awwww... He brought a flask and sandwiches and we sat on the beach on our own for what seemed like an age. I thought wow, he's so perfect, and it only cost our train fare (in those days it was about £2.50 return!)

    We went out for 2 years, but that memory will probably last a life time... :)

    Ah, but did you marry him ????
  • Great stories! the origami roses are such a cute idea, I wish he would give them to me rather than the other way around. The DVD marathon sounds great too, but Valentines is on a Tuesday this year. Cooking the three course meal together sounds uber romantic, however, after a hard day's work it will probably end up being a M&S dine in for two for £10 lol. Also really like the idea of reusing last year's cards (if I can find them). A variation to that is to go to the card shop and both seek out a card you like most hand it to each other, kiss and return the cards to the stand :) Romantic, cheap and a great memory lol
  • My partner always writes me a love letter and tucks it in a lovely handmade enveloppe of a different colour (every year). I look forward to these so much; it's the only time he tells me how he really feels about me (a man of few words) very beautiful, and emotional. I save all of them in a box :)
  • Sorry, I'm on a roll here... Must also try this one:

    Stick love notes in places where your partner will find them all day long. Simple messages of “I love you” can be stuck in glove compartment boxes, jeans pockets and refrigerator drawers to be found throughout the day by the person that you want to feel loved by you.
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