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    I'm surprised your Bank has behaved in this way and I found in experience (and in particular) LLoyds very understanding. However to take such a strong line they must feel (in their opinion) they have good cause. Unfortunately in this day and age computers assess all the risks and going to speak to the old fashioned Bank Manager have long gone.
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    We still haven't received the letter they supposedly sent out to tell us this would happen! Appearantly the big problem is that we had another account with them with a smaller overdraft (£100) this was a student account and was rarely used. When we moved we informed both branches, a few times, of our new address but failed to receive anything from the old account. As I had just started working full time again and dh was going back to uni we didn't realise, also we never did have much activity on that account. It was the interest payment that put us 64p over our overdraft limit with them but we weren't getting their mails. Finally we got a phone call, at our new phone number (so they obviously had our details) threatening us. We wound up owing them nearly £300 most of it bank charges which they refused to reduce even though they practically admitted it was their fault.

    So, we begrudgingly agreed to pay £5 a month to them to pay this back. However even after 3 attempts they still can't seem to set up the direct debit from the recently closed account to pay back the £5 a month so now they say we are a risk! :mad: :mad: :mad: We are very busy. My husband goes to uni 3/4 time and works more than 25 hours a week. I work more hours a week now than I did when I had a normal job and I travel a lot. I don't have time to remember to pay the bills, I rely on direct debit payments. I've had it up to the backteeth with The Clydesdale bank to be honest.

    I found out that we never should have had the £1000 overdraft in the first place but they still gave it to us 3 years ago even though they knew they shouldn't have, in fact they called me and offered it to me! I've had a credit card with them that I paid off and cancelled and we've been doing fairly well until recently with this overdraft for several years and we've been with them for 6 years and I am just disgusted with the way we have been treated :mad:

    I can tell you one thing, they are getting the £1 a month letter asap. They turned down a £5 a week offer, which I might add we were encouraged to offer (I'd originally told my dh to offer £15 a week but the woman at the branch said if we were struggling we could offer less as she'd never known it to be turned down before) They never even called to try to make a different settlement either which really makes me angry. So now, instead of £20 a month they'll get £1, how's that for shooting themselves in the foot?
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    Becles wrote:
    Ooops - sorry for the duff info :o

    Maybe it's something to do with how quickly they process the transaction?

    Like if I placed an order today with for a grocery delivery on Thursday, my card wouldn't be charged till they packed the shopping on Thursday. In the mean time I could have cleared out the account so there was no money in for Tesco.

    However if you were buying something where the card was instantly debited, it would be removed from your account so the retailer would get their money.

    If you'd cleared your account before Tesco processed your order then you just wouldn't get your shopping LOL! ... that applies to whatever debit card you use, not just Electron ;)
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    HOLsale wrote:
    Curry_Queen, can you please explain in more details about the Visa/Electron thing. Do you mean that if I am ordering something online and I do not see anything for Electron if I select Visa debit it may still go through? Also are Electron/Solo the same thing like Switch/Maestro?

    Visa own the Electron card so yes, you can use it wherever the Visa Debit logo is displayed. If using it online, some places will actually display the Electron logo or list it as an option in the card list, but if they don't then try the Visa debit option and it usually goes through ok. As I said before, Tesco, Iceland and Argos (the ones I know for sure) won't accept them at all for online transactions but I think this is down to them using Natwest as their merchandisers. Natwest still operate with Solo which is a different card again, and I believe this is the only bank that still issues them.

    Paypal will accept Electron or Solo no problem so if you manage to get one then just change your payment card details in your account settings and you should be fine.
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    It is that what you do, good or bad,
    will come back to you three times as strong!

  • Hi HOLsale

    Please see my post of about an hour ago in the 'Basic bank accounts' thread started by sale (It's just above yours on the listing page at the time I am writing).

    I believe that there are certain steps which can be taken when bank a/c's are frozen or closed. I am checking out the facts, as they may be different in Scotland, and will post again if I find anything useful.

    Very best wishes, Graham B
  • Hi again HOLsale

    I think you will find the info at this kink useful:

    Click the link 'What is a bank or building society account arrestment?'

    You may also find the link below useful re. the Scottish 'Debt Arrangement Scheme' (the equivalent of an Administration Order in England & Wales)

    Hope the above is of use.

    Best wishes, Graham B
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    I just wanted to thank everyone for your help, it is much appreciated.

    I also thought you'd be interested to know that for reasons not quite understood by me or my dh our account has been reinstated at the agreed level of our £1000 overdraft being reduced by £5 per week on Fridays! My husbands pay has gone into the account and his card still works but they have to send me a new card since the machine ate mine.

    My husband said that Sandy (the guy I brokedown on on the phone last week) called and said that something he didn't quite understand had changed and the account is now activated again.

    Now, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but methinks this has a lot to do with the fact that I mentioned that with the overdraft being gone we'd definately have to file bankruptcy! Maybe they decided that the £20 a month was better than fighting and clawing their way for a few quid a month! At any rate it's a result and I'm quite grateful for it. I will be quite happy to be rid of the overdraft and this should make things better for us with our credit issues. However I am definately going to open a seperate account for my self employed payments to go into and for me to purchase things out of so that I needn't worry about the bank screwing up my ability to work anymore.

    I believe I will probably go with the Co-Op bank as I can do most of my arrangements online and can bank at the post office around the corner from my house and as I mentioned before they have much higher ethical policies than any other bank in the UK so I feel more comfortable working with them. When our overdraft is resolved with the Clydesdale I shall most likely switch accounts to the Co-OP because I still don't take kindly to what they have done to us, extremely unprofessional and unforgiveable in my opinion!
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    Glad you got things sorted :)

    If you are looking at Co-op, you might want to consider their internet bank at

    I've been with them for 4 years now and they are brilliant. Had a couple of minor niggles which were sorted out quickly by telephone. You can do loads yourself online or speak to helpful people in Lancashire. You can also deposit cheques/cash and make withdrawls at any Co-op branch or at the Post Office.
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  • I would agree with Becles about Smile :D .

    I want to be a good saver, but I find it difficult to control my temptation to spend :o .

    I owe £1,247 more than I have in savings :( .
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    i agree with you becles, they are helpful! i phoned today about the co-op account and will be receiving the application form shortly. i now have to go have my documents certified by my current bank manager :D can't wait to see the look on their face!!! there isn't a branch at all in edinburgh and i'm not traveling to glasgow to open an account so whilst i could also choose to have say my doctor certify my details i will actually relish the look on the face of my bank manager when i ask for it done. the gentleman i spoke to from the co-op said he understood that it could be awkward but they can't deny the service to me... i just chuckled and told him with the way they'd been treating me lately i'd relish the opportunity, i heard him stifle a laugh there :rotfl:
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