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SONY tv keeps switching channels by itself?

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usignuolousignuolo Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in TV MoneySaving
I have a Sony Trinitron tv (KV-32FQ75B) and a Virgin Media cable feed (for tv broadband and phone). Recently my original STB (Telewest) gave up the ghost and was replaced with a V+ STB (Samsung). Also I bought a Panasonic DVD player/recorder.

It is cabled up SCART- V+ to TV AV1 and SCART DVD to TV AV2. (As per user guide). But when I am watching the TV at least twice a night it suddenly switches to AV2 which means I lose the tv V+ signal and have to reset the STB to get it back.

I don't want to call out Virgin as I have to pay if it is not a fault on their STB fault and I suppose it might be the tv. It has not done it before. Anyone got any suggestions?


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    usignuolousignuolo Forumite
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    If you mean the Panasonic DVD, it isn't even switched on at present. Its zapper is sitting under the tv next to it. Have not used it for several days but the AV1 to AV2 problem occurred 3 times last night.

    Generally I use the auto record option on the V+ STB to record to its own hard disk. I haven't noticed if recording from tv to V+ STB triggers the change from AV1 to AV2 but I don't think so. It switches at random and not when any particular channel is playing.Last night it happened 3 times while panasonic was turned off and its remote not in use. Happens if watching tv or listening to radio via V+.

    I have checked all the cables and they all look good and are tightly connected.
  • BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    Do you have any flourescent (aka 'energy saving' lights) that can intefere with the remote window? These bulbs are notorious for blocking and sending spurious signals.
  • usignuolousignuolo Forumite
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    I have posted a query on line at the Virgin Media Forum and one of the techs has done an online test of my box (so they tell me). They say it is not tuned correctly. Don't know about this as Virgin installed it. But they are going to send out an engineer, fingers crossed they arrive.
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