MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Elizabeth tell Charles he can't go on the trip?



  • garyrjb
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    Bit harsh to have a go at someones parenting skills like that I think. Everyone has different opinions about how to raise their child. Whilst I agree with the essence of what you are saying about letting children be children, there is going to come a point when they need to start to learn about the value of money. I think 13 is a reasonable age to start because they are starting to have some sort of autonomy at school and it would do well to start them off gently as opposed to chucking them in at the deep end when they leave school.

    Thanks for the support
    I would just like to say it works both ways. My boy decided he didnt want to go on the trip but wanted a new (well off of ebay) amplifier as the school was having a talent competition. It was a £200 marshall amp so I paid half for him. He doesnt get every thing he wants but knows that if he wastes it on computer games he hasnt got money for good things. plus he came second in the talent comp!! so well worth it.
  • garyrjb
    garyrjb Posts: 20 Forumite
    poptart wrote: »
    I cannot understand why a parent would make their 13 year old child pay £90 towards a school trip, that is a disgusting thing to do. If the child was 18 I would expect them to pay towards their own trip, certainly not 13. It isn't a valuable lesson for a child at all. I don't believe a 13 year old should know about money troubles as it is the parents problem that they are in that mess in the first place, not the child's. I applaud your child for saving enough money to pay half of the trip, not many 13 year olds can save up that kind of money without spending it on trainers or computer games. what will you do next, start investing his pocket money without asking? or perhaps start removing 'tax' from it. You shouldstart treating your child like a 13 year old, not an 18 year old. :mad:

    Sorry I did not see where I had said I was in a mess financially. By taking this sort of action I am making sure I dont get in a mess! it was short notice for the trip and I am already paying for him to go to spain in the summer for school. As put in an earlier reply he chose not to go instead he bought an amp off of ebay as he was in a talent competition at school and I paid half for him so it works both ways and he won a prize. i have always actually on 10% to any money he saves each year. I am trying to get him into the habbit of saving. But if you think I disgusting then fair enough!!
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