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MSE News: Window open to sell London 2012 Olympics tickets

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Former_MSE_HelenFormer_MSE_Helen Former MSE
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edited 6 January 2012 at 4:24PM in Theatre, concert & events tickets
This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Fans who no longer want their Olympic or Paralympic tickets can sell them from today, while there's also a chance to buy ..."


  • netimkanetimka Forumite
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    dissapointing as the first time around...showing lots of tickets for tennis but when you choose them none of them you can buy... maybe someone else will be morte lucky...
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  • moneypoohmoneypooh Forumite
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    I did get some badminton tickets today for the early rounds, pleased with that :) All other tickets showing loads but none available. So far DS happy with badminton, but I'll need tennis for DD and canoe slalom for DH to keep everyone happy, I'll keep trying...
  • kizkizkizkiz Forumite
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    Ticketmaster mess up again.
    Suspended while they sort out their systems
  • poppy10_2poppy10_2 Forumite
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    kizkiz wrote: »
    Ticketmaster mess up again.
    Suspended while they sort out their systems
    Yep, the site's down, they were offering tickets for sale that had already been resold.

    Why did they entrust the bullying megacorp Ticketmaster to run the site? Just asking for trouble. They got to their dominant market position by crushing their competitors, not by offering a superior service.
  • They can have my ticket - it's all a load of craaaaaaap
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    "We have temporarily suspended the ticketing website while Ticketmaster investigates ticket resale issues that some customers have been experiencing. This website will reopen once Ticketmaster has resolved these issues."

    Trying to access my account and this message still comes up after 48 hours.

    When will Ticketmaster solve this mess they've created??
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    Edit Sorry the ticket resale is still suspended, a change in the site seemed to imply it had restarted.
  • So now instead of trickling available tickets in there will be an almighty rush in April to buy them?
    Ticket resale update
    From 3pm today, you can submit to the resale programme any tickets which you purchased through London 2012 but are no longer able to use. You have until 6pm on 3 February to submit tickets. These tickets will be made available to the public from April 2012.
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