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After stumbling across the site and reading a fair bit of the information, (of course I knew about card surfing, just never thought of doing it). I decided to treat my finances as an ongoing project, before i've just signed up then paid on time. We do have a fair bit of debt(credit) with cards and loans.
I phoned egg who I had the biggest amount with and after refusing a loan at 7+% they offered me 5.3% on my exisiting balance for term, but anything more added to the card will be at the regular rate.

I can't get any credit so my hubby applied for some 0% cards to BT as much of the existing other cards that we could, these are taking much longer to come through than we'd hoped, but after this time I shoule be able to get the timing right.

Be cautious how you do it as well, the lloyds one that we applied for moved the balance from the old Lloyds card (not at 0%), luckily one of the other cards that we applied for seems to have taken on the bulk of that debt before the new lloyds card got to it. Next time we'd make sure another institution has the debt before opening another one with the same place.

I have gone seriously overdrawn this month and phoned my bank who I have to say have always been very fair and easy to deal with. They offered me a ridiculous loan I asked what else I could have as that was extreme and they have given me the extra overdraft free for 2 months, which should be all I need to get out of it.

After reading another thread, I telephoned Sky and now have my viewing half price for the next 3 months.

I have changed my telephone service with BT and Onetel and as my husband is in Germany for 3 weeks 18866 is heaven sent. I have also disconnected one of the mobile lines I had, this alone will save me £180 per year.

I had changed my gas/electric, just before Martin's announcement and now asked to change back and will wait and see what happens.

I wont know for the next month or so exactly what the savings will be, but it is substantial.

I doubt I'd have looked into it, but as I am not working at the moment and things had started to get very tight it prompted me to start filling in forms and telephoning people.

As an aside after seeing another thread that M&S are changing their returns policy which I had not been aware off, I returned a pair of shoes yesterday. Assistant "I'm sorry, these shoes are 2 years old", Me "yes, I know", A "we can't take them back now". M "I think you'll find you can". 2 minutes, and lots of very odd looks later, £30 worth of credit vouchers.

So thank you to everyone for the tips, and to Martin for providing this site and wonderful advice. I'd really say if I can do it anyone can, because I would usually be described as scatty.
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