'Which company do you think's worst?' poll discussion

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  • I am surprised Halfords is not on there, had a terrible experience with them recently, wont go there again
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    If Santander were on this list, they'd be at the very top by a runaway mile.
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  • I hope that you are able to adjust the scores for the size of company/number of customers. The larger companies are almost certain to have higher numbers of dissatisfied customers
  • This list is not complete without Yodel.

    The worst outfit I have *ever* had the misfortune of dealing with.

    No other company, try as they might, can come close to Yodel's level of willful incompetence and dishonesty.
  • So - Am I alone in thinking Yodel is the worst company in the UK? All these others are !!!!!cats in comparison!:mad:
  • I get that banks have already been done in a separate poll but I'm stil going to vote for LLOYDS TSB as the most useless bunch of idiot toss-wipes I have ever have the misfortue to fail to communicate with. Seriously, I think all their departments should be sacked!:mad::mad::mad:

    *Phew* rant over, sorry about that...

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    teddyco wrote: »
    Isn't it time the government loosen BT's grip on the local telephone network? BT has to be the worst company in Britain!
    BT is a prime example of a big, money grubbing company that sits there are does absolutely nothing except take folks
    money and then take them for a jolly ride.

    Funny isn't it how peoples' views differ but BT's one of the better companies I've dealt with recently. Talktalk is the worst ever. We've just moved house so have had a fair bit of contact with different providers.
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    I have no problem with any on that list - if they had been on the list then I would of voted for


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    *Ryanair (After paying an extra £80ish NOT to fly with them to a wedding, I was accussed of being a snob and throwing money away; so gave them a second chance towards the end of last year - a second chance to many). AVOID
    *Thames Water, left a leak from the mains continue for 25 days despite a number of calls and emails. I can't wait till they raise the prices again because of a drought. Cowboys.
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    Why isn't Currys on this this list? They would surely win.
    CURRYS!!! Don't get me started! Currys, KNOWHOW, only "know how", to aggravate people. Once they've got your money, you can whistle!
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