Real Life MMD: Do I need to spend more on Xmas pressies?

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    Go with the orignal value...and congratulate yourself on being a savvy shopper.:T

    I have a £20 budget for my nephew's Christmas - thanks to a grabbit on this site in July I got a desk and chair reduced from £50 to £10 :money: I'm not making up the difference beause it's a better gift than he would have gotten had I waited till December to buy something.
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    I've only ever heard of gift budgets being agreed to set a maximum limit to stop overspending, otherwise the recipient is saying 'you better spend at least this much on me!' which seems rude! It's good you got gifts under budget by bargain shopping throughout the year, it's what I'm going to do next year, very MSE!:money:
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    I bought a present for my mum and her twin and in a sale it came to £10 pound for both. My mum found out. It was a beautiful photo frame each of excellent quality, had I received I would have loved it and I was going to make the present up as it was so cheap but ran out of time. She hasnt visited me since and I know she is upset as she told my sister that I hadnt spent enough. I feel I have no choice to make it up this Christmas. It wasnt like I wanted to spend a £5.00. I try to be frugal but if there was something she wanted at £50.00 I would buy it but having spent a little less than that previously she moaned that I was "showing off."

    This has really shocked me! I wouldn't mind if someone spent 10p on me; it would simply touch me that they'd thought enough of me to get me anything at all!
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