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everkeen Forumite Posts: 48 Forumite
I can`t understand why saynoto0870 has removed the option to search for a number by selecting the first letter of the name of the company/organisation.

Practically, this was much faster than typing. It also meant you did not need the whole name if you were not sure of the spelling.

Also, it saved having to type in long names like "Organisation for Economic Development", especially when the site does not allow pasting.

Okay, you might call me lazy, but to me it`s about spending more time than I used to in order to get the same result. The data is still there, but it`s harder to get to.


  • Heinz
    Heinz Forumite Posts: 11,191
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    Daniel did that when he amalgamated the 'unverified' entries with the 'verified' ones.

    Now, you just do one search instead of having to do two.

    BTW, it's best NOT to type the full name of the firm or organisation because there might be entries using various spellings (e.g. LLoyds TSB and LloydsTSB). Just entering Lloyds finds all possibles whereas typing LloydsTSB finds only some of them.

    As a point of interest, typing just the first two letters (LL) finds a great deal more, LLO finds a little fewer and LLOY (almost) gets you back to only the Lloyds entries again.
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
  • DonnyDave
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    everkeen wrote:
    Also, it saved having to type in long names like "Organisation for Economic Development", especially when the site does not allow pasting.
    There is no requirement for you to type the full name in. The minimum number of search characters that you must enter into the box is 2. So type in "or", "rg" "an" "ni" etc etc in and look down alphabetically and you find the entry.

    Indeed, as Heinz points out, typing "Lloyds" for Lloyds TSB will find all the entries.
  • everkeen
    everkeen Forumite Posts: 48 Forumite
    To be honest, I`m just as glad as anyone to have the use of saynoto0870.

    However, I still maintain it now takes more time and effort than before, if only on the basis that any typing is, for me, more work than no typing.
  • bbb_uk
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    This has been discussed on SayNo before.

    It was removed for a few reasons:-
    • Only about 5% of searches were by the alphabet list.
    • It wasn't always bringing up the entry you want. For example, searching for "Inland Revenue" would not have brought up an entry via the alphabet because it's under the (newer) proper name of HM Revenue & Customs but it has "Inland Revenue" in brackets so doing a company search for "HM", "Customs", "Revenue" or "Inland Revenue" would bring up all entries for "HM Revenue & Customs (Inland Revenue)"
    To be honest, we generally recommend searching by company name as that generally brings up the company concerned and any company that may be related to it or even nearby matches.
    everkeen wrote:
    ...especially when the site does not allow pasting.
    The site allows copying/pasting via the normal keyboard shortcut. That is <Ctrl-C> to copy data to the clipboard and <Ctrl-V> to paste data from clipboard to the current cursor position.

    I actually find this method of copying/pasting faster than using the right-click option using the mouse.
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