Question about TalkTalk/other broadband recommendation needed

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We've been with TalkTalk since June, on their Talk 3 International plan... Now, it works out well for calls, seeing as we get most international calls for free (the only down side is that Norway isn't included on the list, as one of my housemates is Norwegian!)... But we're not happy with the broadband, which is also packaged in with it. It's just been really unreliable and tends to disconnect when you receive a call, and then not want to connect again at LEAST until you reboot your machine... and then sometimes not for DAYS!!! :mad: Not really good when my job requires me to work from home sometimes (and be online all that time) and so therefore we need a reliable broadband connection....

ANYWAY. We're moving house next month, and as we're still under contract, are taking TalkTalk with us... But I was wondering, do you HAVE to use the broadband part of the Talk 3 International plan, or can you have it for calls and use a different provider for broadband? Work will pay up to £20 a month for broadband for me, so I was thinking I might be as well ordering something that isn't going to fall over every 5 minutes... Does anyone have any recommendations?


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