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wondered if anyone can help please

hi i was just wondering if someone can help me my son gets middle rate dla care and i have been advised to claim carers etc i have been to a few sites like caf and entitled to to see if it would be worth claiming and i keep getting very different answers so i really dont no whether to claim or not. I was wondering does anyone know any other sites i could try or anyone i could ring to help me with benefit checker. Or if someone is very good with working out benefits etc i could pm details to you. i am not very good with maths!!! thanks in advance :j


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    a lot depends on what other benefits you receive.

    if you are on means tested benefit, then it works out about an extra £31 a week.

    if not on means tested benefit it is £55, but you are not allowed to be earning more than £100 a week and claim.

    there is also an addition element of ctc because of having a disabled child.
  • I have a son who receives high rate care and high rate mobility.

    First you need to see if you are eligible for CA. Your son gets middle rate care - do you earn £100 or less each week? Are you a full time student? Do you give at least 35 hours a week care? (I'm assuming you are not a pensioner :)).

    If you are a full time student you cannot claim. If you come within the earnings limit and give at least 35 hours a week care, you probably can.

    You mention benefits - from this I assume that you already claim some benefits. It would help posters if you say what you currently claim.

    For example, if you get Income Support, you will get a Carer's premium added to the IS, then that amount will be reduced by £55.55 (the weekly amount paid for CA). You end up around £29 a week better off.

    If you get child tax credits, you should inform them as you can get an additional premium added to the amount that you currently get. Tell them the rate at which your son receives DLA as this affects the amount.

    If you can post a few more details, you are likely to receive more detailed help.
  • hi sorry shouldve put what we get.
    i dont work and not a student. i have 3 children and get tax credits and i get the disability preminum with that. we get some housing ben and council tax ben. my partner works 40 hrs a week 6.10 an hr. i do look after my son 35 hrs a plus a week. also child ben. thank you for taking time to reply.
  • In your circumstances, there's nothing to lose by claiming carers allowance. You'd get the carers allowance (£55 weekly) and your NI contributions credited which will help with your state pension later on.

    Remember to tell the tax credits people when you get it.
  • thank you very much all its so confusing well it is for me!!
  • You can claim online too now using this link.
  • thank you for your help its much appreciated
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