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I hope this is a better place to post - original thread I put in the internet access bit

I recently got a broadband and tv package from NTL and I didn't get any statements for ages, but checking my bank accounts I saw 3 payments being taken. One for 17.99 (I was informed that this was for my internet). One for £2.01 (the discounted rate for my tele because of taking the internet). And one for £20.99. I wasn't told that there wouldn't have one simple payment for £20 so was very confused by the three coming out.

I phoned to complain and the woman was rude and told me that I was being charged correctly. Then after me explaining for about 10 minutes she told me my modem was being detected as a second set top box so I was being charged for another set top box at full rate (20.99) as well as my package. Even after phoning they still took the extra payment for the month afterwards. These extra payments left my tv account with them £83.96 in credit.

I asked for the money back and was told they can't give it me as they can only debit my account not credit it. Instead I don't have to pay any television charges for 42 months (with it only costing £2.01 a month). I asked if it could cover the internet costs as well so I wouldn't have to pay anything for 4 months and then my credit would be used up. They said they can't do this as the tv and internet are processed by different parts of the company.

I don't want 42 months credit - we not even planning on being in our house that long and I would much rather have the money now. Ok it's only about £80 but they shouldn't have taken it and I have much better things to do with £80 than pay for over 3 years of tv upfront that I didn't even really want that much (we got it as it we needed internet for work and we thought we may as well get tv for an extra £2)

They were rude and seemed to think they were doing me a favour by not charging me for the next 40 odd months, they offered nothing by way of apology and really I just want my money back.

Where do I stand and what can I do?


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    It's probably worth taking this up with your bank, as this seems like something that can be recovered with the direct debit guarantee (which says you're not liable for the wrong amount being taken, if I remember rightly).

    NTL have always seemed really reluctant to give money back. I remember it took them ages to refund my credit when I closed my account with them (I was a student and could have done with the money back then!)
  • NTL customer services are appalling, it was only today that i AGAIN had to get in contact with the CEO's office due to months of them saying they would do something and it not happening - and by god they can be rude!!!

    If i was you i would get in contact with the HO on 01256 752000, that normally works for me!!

    Good luck
    :D I understand ALOT more than I care to let on :D
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