how do i wrap a shoebox

I am going to send a shoebox to my 18 yr old nephew who has gone out to Afghanistan, How do i secure it for posting? Do i tape it up, wrap it in brown paper, just tie it up with string. any advice please very welcome
- Obviously it will ahve stuff inside, am not so mean as to just send an empty box


  • Hi my daughter just spent the 'summer' there, so we sent a few parcels out.
    I usually tried to tape the box then - double wrap the box either with brown paper or using up old wrapping paper (inside out). And then secured with tape again. Depending on what tape you use (clear or brown) - don't forget to leave space for his address and your return address on reverse, and you have to put the stickers on -top left of box. which you get from the post office.
    Ensure to get a proof of posting, and no aerosols.
    Last time she was away we were always getting part parcels returned or going missing altogether, this time seems to have been ok though.
  • i used brown paper when i sent parcels to my hubby xx got there fine xx
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  • Use some brown wrapping paper - personally to keep lid on I used parcel tape, once round the edge and then twice over top on left and right hand side and it was pretty much covered in tape so I didnt bother and it all got there safe and sound :j

    PS only stick or rollerball deo no aerosols
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    i always include a list of items taped to inside of box, as sometimes boxes get checked so making sure that none of the 'nicer' items go missing.
    Making small changes, hoping they will last....
  • Hi,

    I sent parcels to my son who was in Iraq every week for six months at a time when it was all hitting the fan!!!

    I always wrapped in brown paper, sealing the shoe box up first with parcel tape and writing his name and address on the box in case the brown wrapping paper came adrift.

    I even sent a fruit birthday cake to celebrate his 21st birthday ! You will be surprised what can be fitted into shoe box!.

    All arrived safely.

  • Hi all,
    I've had stuff sent out to me plenty of times in Afghan and often the boxes are squashed, ripped open or worse.
    My advice when wrapping a box would be:
    1. Don't send anything that will melt. Parcels come off the aircraft and are often left in the sun (50degrees+)
    2. When packing, fill any empty spaces with bubble-wrap, tissue or polystyrene. Items hitting the edges of the box from inside WILL rip it!
    3. Fully tape with brown packing tape all 8 corners of the box. Also tape along the edge of lid if using shoebox.
    4. Occasionally I have received a box that has been unloaded during a rare downpour. The facilities are basic out there, seal contents in a carrier-bag taped-up.
    5. Finaly, once you've finished your packing, if you would not be happy dropping it down your own staircase, then it's not packed well enough.

    Hope this helps. Receiving a parcel out there is special and can really make the difference. Even if it's just toothpaste and wet-wipes!

    Much love

  • I recently sent a shoe box parcel out there. I covered the box completely in brown parcel tape with an envelope stuck on the front and smaller one on the back for the address. All good at other end!
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