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"Bath Knight" - any second hand value?

Just to explain what a "Bath Knight" is:

A low voltage box of tricks screwed to the wall side of the bath.
Inside the box is a "roller blind" worked by an electric motor.
The length of the heavy duty cloth coming from the "roller blind" is draped across the bottom of the bath and the bather sits on the material while having a bath.
The end of the roller blind material is hooked onto a bracket screwed to the floor on the other open side of the bath.

When the bathing is finished the bather (or carer) instructs the box of tricks (using a remote control) to wind in the blind.

As the material is wound back into the box of tricks, it assists in lifting the bather from sitting to standing.

Does this kit have any second hand residual value?

If it does, has anyone experience of selling one.

[I have in the past given a water pressure operated bath and its seat to a training "school" for care assistants]


  • withabixwithabix Forumite
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    There is a market for these on eBay, providing they are in good condition (the wall plate is poor quality and rusts away)

    Nowhere near the £1000+ you were probably fleeced by the rip-off disability aids supplier.

    £100 if you are lucky.
    British Ex-pat in British Columbia!
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