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Food Bank / Food for Charity

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I did a quick search but I couldn't find anything so I'm sorry if there's a smililar thread posted elsewhere.

(Hopefully) I'm soon going to be moving house, plus we've just found out the OH is possibly Gluten and Wheat intolerant, and instead of throwing food away (as I refuse to give it to my utterly horrific neighbours) I'd rather it went to people who need it.

I've just seen on the news about foodbanks in Liverpool, and was wondering if there's anything in the Greater Manchester particular Manchester City Centre or Salford area that accepts donations of in date food, be it a homeless shelter or foodbank etc. I don't drive so places that come and collect would also be good to know about.

I haven't started clearing the cupboards yet, but I'm starting my moving plan and it'll be good to know in advance.
:idea: Determined to sort her finances!


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