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MSE News: Unemployment reaches 17-year high



  • sunshine-55
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    NoNoDrama wrote: »
    Why is youth unemployment so high? Is it because many of them are unemployable? Like the type who were in involved in the riots?

    I have three kids out of work and I am also out of work after being made redundant last March.
    Two of my kids have A levels, one has a degree in business management.
    I am an ex nurse but no longer have my registration number as I could not afford to keep the payment up.
    None of us are on the figures as the maintenance for my kids is just too high to qualify for benefits and also it costs over £9 for each of us to get to the job centre from here, and often because of the irregularity of the buses we miss appointment..This is also the reason getting a job is difficult. If I want to work in Dartford, 12 miles away and start at 9am, I have to leave at 7am if the bus actuality comes I can make it. If it doesn't which is often the case I am late. So there are four people who are not on the figures, but are employable. I went for a job at the local bakers for 16 hours a week. 48 applicants !!!!
  • dandelionclock30
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    I was reading an article from the National Office Of Statistics I think last week.It said in terms of numbers, the unemployed was at 2.62 million, working just short of 30 million and economically inactive adults 10 million.Thats all those on sick, not signing on, homeless, 16-18 year olds,people being supported by partners etc.
    so in real terms theres over 12 million adults not working at the present which is over a quarter of all working age adults. How utterly dreadfull for this country. David Cameron should hang his head in shame and people should stop believing all the propoganda about people not wanting a job.What utter rubbish.
  • gothic_hobbit
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    David Cameron should hang his head in shame and people should stop believing all the propoganda about people not wanting a job.What utter rubbish.

    Camoron is living in cloud cuckoo land, thinking that the work programme is the answer to this country's ills.

    When, in fact, it's a complete waste of time and is just another way to bully people who HAVE worked before into submission !
  • dandelionclock30
    dandelionclock30 Forumite Posts: 3,235 Forumite
    David Cameron knows damn well the work programme will not work.For a start hes probably quite clever and secondly hes been advised by various economists and think tanks.They know it wont do anything but they have to be seen to be doing something.Its all just about show and illusion.
  • Polyhymnia
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    There simply aren't enough jobs out there but it is amazing how the government is ignoring this fact and pretending that the problem lies with the unemployed people.

    Instead of creating jobs (yes that does mean public sector jobs), infrastructure schemes (roads/housing), or training. David Cameron has decided to give most of the money to the likes of that vile and ugly woman, Emma Harrison head of A4e. Who are then supposed to find us jobs (that don't exist).

    Whats worse is that the 'Work Programme' is in danger of failing because it cannot find people jobs and the companies are considering a taxpayer 'bailout'.

    This is a scam of monumental proportions !
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