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Pet Insurance Warning

in Pets & pet care
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I was very careful (or so i thought) in selecting a Dog insurance which covered for every eventually, so i went through with Direct Line Insurance, only to find that they do not cover euthanasia costs or cremation costs as very sadly my darling girl passed away this week. They also take an incredibly long time to settle even small claim - the last claim was for £20 and it took 3 months to arrive! After paying £29.50 per month, this is not the type of service we should expect.

If you are looking for a reasonable quote which seems to cover everything from specialist help with problem dogs to including euthansia, you could do a lot worse than try the 'Kennel Club Healthcare plan' I'm not advertising, just dont want anyone to get caught out like I have.


  • angchrisangchris Forumite
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    im sorry to hear the news of your much loved 4 legged friend:grouphug: a friend of mine also discovered that her dog insurance which she had religously paid for years when it came to the crunch and she actually claimed they wouldnt pay up :mad: she decided she would of been far better off putting that set amount into a seperate account and letting it mount up so it WOULD be there for when she needed it and it was earning interest too!:j sometimes i think some companies really do take us for a ride sometimes and we really dont have any come back on them:mad:
    proper prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance! :p
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    Surely what was covered is was stated in your policy documents.

    Petplan are clear on what they will and won't pay for and pay up extremely quickly. They aren't the cheapest out there but maybe you do get what you pay for.

    They don't pay for euthanasia or cremation either and I think that is the case with most of them. When we lost our dog last year though, even if they had been willing to pay for it, it was cheaper not to claim and cancel the policy. They refunded almost all my premium within 10 days.
  • eiraeira Forumite
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    Have been a Pet Plan customer for years- they were the first in the market for life cover. At first they were brilliant- prompt payment, excellent customer service and peace of mind. Lately they have gone right down hill-the payments are more for less than others. One claim took three months to come through and had an 'excess' deducted- despite several e-mails and phone calls I never got to the bottom of this. Our dog was 'lame' due to 3 separate conditions - a broken nail, a sprained right 'wrist' and a pulled left shoulder. Pet Plan have lumped all these in together. I just couldnm't get them to understand that the dog was lame but that-in the first instance- a sprained 'wrist' is one cause of lameness but a broken naail is another. It took two months to get that sorted. They now have a dedicated section for 'customers thinking of leaving Pet Plan'. You do get better service if you ring them.

    I can't leave them because the Siamese and dog are now too old to transfer to another insurer. I wouldn't use them again-ever. One cat breeder I know uses Sainsbury's- if you look at the policies some of them give a set sum for one condition for the life of the animal. Our Oriental Lilac's diabetes cost in the region of £1000. She had the condition for the last two years of her life.
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