Which loyalty points wear the crown?

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Which loyalty points wear the crown?
Poll started 4 Oct 2011, click here to vote

Which of the following loyalty schemes do you care most CARE ABOUT collecting? Tick all that apply ...

AA Reward points
AAdvantage miles
Asda points
BHS Rewards
BMI Airmiles
British Airways Miles
Boots Advantage
Co-op Travel Rewards
Delta Skymiles
Hilton HHonors
HSBC Rewards
John Lewis Partnership points
Marks and Spencer &more points
Marriot Rewards
Miles & more miles
Natwest YourPoints
Shell Drivers' Club points
Tesco Clubcard
United Airlines miles
Virgin Flying Club miles

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  • I dont hold any as I know full well what they do when they hold your details on any of these loyalty cards, they sell your Data on to anyone and everyone thus giving you even more unwanted junk via phone,post and email.
  • UnluckyTUnluckyT Forumite
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    I have one were i work as it a discount and reward card, but only because it a discount card too so pays me twice to shop thier, plus one for speedgate when i occasionally buy catfood in bulk thier and for when i can eventually afford and hopefully slim enough to go horse riding to help pay for riding kit.
    otherwise i dont have any, for a combination of not shopping enough in some places to warrent having them plus the fact i feel your details could be abused along with the info they can get from what your spending your money on when you your card.
    i feel the least i have the better.
  • chardirchardir Forumite
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    You've missed Costa coffee club, I collect lots of points there and it works out at 5% back.
  • torbrextorbrex PPR
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    judging by the number of related posts on these forum boards the top answer is going to be Tesco clubcard, the race is on for second place :D
  • xannusxannus Forumite
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    Asda have a rewards card???
  • yorks808yorks808 Forumite
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    asda points?
  • xannus wrote: »
    Asda have a rewards card???
    aheetun wrote: »
    asda points?

    Am surprised at that option too!:eek:
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  • wildthing01wildthing01 Forumite
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    yes, how come i don't know about asda points? i practically live there...

    i would have said Boots, until i realised recently that their prices are often about a third more expensive than elsewhere, so while you get 4% back, you lose much more than that in price.
  • StryderStryder Forumite
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    to be fair to boots, they often have deals that undercut supermarkets - Original Source £1, etc. Boots advantage is good but you still have to be a careful shopper. Tesco used to be great but ditched the DVD rental and about to ditch the credit card as the Clubcard deal is just getting worse over last 12 months ... and with so few extra points and such high prices, will love to A.N. OTHER & Sons after I have got the last deal I want ... which should be next year. Shame
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  • I have Nectar and clubcard.
    Dont use Nectar that regularly, only about twice a month orso and never spent any points from my account. What is the return on it?-
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