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My Pansies are not flowering

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donnaloudonnalou Forumite
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Hi There

The title says it all for some reason one lot of pansies That I bought about 3 months ago are not flowering apart from that they look perfectly healthy.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks Donna


  • jap200jap200 Forumite
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    My pansies are exactly the same - did you by any chance get them from this offer(84 plug pansy plants for £5.50 and chance of a refund)?

    I've spent ages hunting for this old thread and have finally found it!

    If so, I feel bad as I made that original post!

    If this is the case, this is the link to the (now closed) offer at Thompson & Morgan and this is what it says:

    Flowers: January to May
    Delivery Date: September
    Bold colours create a rich warmth and a dazzling brightness in the dead of winter. Favourites for edging or planting in groups, and stunning in beds and borders where they form a floral blanket. Try them in Flower Pouches™, hanging baskets, tubs and window boxes.
    Dwarf and compact, they're the best winter-hardy pansies available, but if you don't agree we'll refund your money!*
    To claim a refund, please advise us in writing which winter-hardy pansy you believe to be better than 'Universal Mixed' together with the reasons why. Full details available on request. Any claim must be made by 30 September 2007.

    I am disappointed with them and would like to contact them myself to ask for a refund as I have had a grand total of 3 flowers out of 84 plants. Like yours, my plants have grown well and look very healthy - just a major lack of flowers! However, I think that it would be better to wait as it does say that they from from Jan - May and it is only mid Jan at the moment. They would probably just tell me to wait and see right now.

    However, if they are not in glorious flower by March, I will follow this up.
  • donnaloudonnalou Forumite
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    No i didn't get them from Thompson and Morgan just a local shop, Maybe they will flower later I'll have to wait and see.

    Thompson and Morgan are excellent at giving refunds though,just a quick phone call and its refunded I know someone who works there. He said they hardly ever check your original order especially if its for a small amount.
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