How much have I idea until I get your help

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Well bit if a weird one and sure the title has got you wondering :)

We need to get a few bits and bobs for the little one and have been saving up in one of them money pots that you have to smash to open. However, I really don't want to smash it as it was a gift when I was pregnant and is too nice to smash, yet I have no idea how much we have saved inside and would be nice to use it for the little ones things as that is what it was intended for :)

Any tips or tricks on how to get money out of these without smashing them??? Yes I have tried tipping it upside down :rotfl:


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    I have one of those - a terramundi?
    I needed it open, but didnt want to ruin it - I found out that if you put a screwdriver in the slot and just push down on the handle so the 'bit' of the screwdriver presses upwards then the top of the terramundi whould pop off. It worked for me and I then superglued it back to use again:D
    Hope this helps you:)
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  • My mum made me a terracotta pig when I was young (it has my name around the tail... not sure if I should be pleased about that or not! :) ), so obviously didn't want to break it. It can take some time but it you turn it upside down and stick a knife in you can slide the coins out. Of course I was a kid in the sixties, so had a lot of spare time and not that much money :)

    BTW - I still have the pig although the little curly tail broke off... it's still in better condition that me, though ;)
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    use a blade from feeler guages
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  • I used an old pair of tweezers to get money out of my terracotta piggie bank! Just turned it upside down and grabbed coins with the tweezers. Takes a while but my piggie stayed intact...until my younger brother broke it!!
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    If it's a terracotta type one, turn it upside down and stick a knife in the slot you put the money in and encourage them out! works for us...
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