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car warranties engine problems covered?

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lindseyhodgeslindseyhodges Forumite
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hi 6 weeks ago i paid 4.5k for a 76k 2005 ford focus with a 1yr warranty, since then ive had to put 2litres of oil in! when we bought it, it had just been serviced by the garage but was reading no oil on dipstick, we were off on hols so just filled it up drove 400 miles to hols and back and it used 1litre, just checked again and it has taken another litre. I have had it checked and there are no leaks and no high emissions, i have been told that its likely wear and tear on engine and that the oil is leaking into other chambers in engine?
I rang the garage and was fobbed off as i cant prove its using oil, and apparently warranty will not cover it as its likely down to wear and tear? Is this correct ie is there really no cover on warranty ? as surely everything breaks due to wear and tear? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we spent all our money on this car as our son is disabled and we need a car to get him about, so we have very limited funds left to do anything ourselves about it, thanks here's hoping , lindsey


  • If your son is disabled, you could get a Motability Scheme Car, and choose from 4,000 different models of vehicle, and even get a vehicle specially adapted to his needs.

    You obviously have to sign over the Mobility Component of the DLA your son receives, but after that the only thing you pay for is the fuel, since it's effectively a lease car.

    You no longer pay Insurance, Maintenance, Road Tax, or for tyres under the Motability Scheme, so you could either sell your old Ford Focus to a Dealer or Privately, and cancel your existing Car Insurance Policy and obtain a refund of part of it, alternatively, I think its possible in some circumstances to transfer the existing policy to another family member, although I'm not certain.

    I have been disabled since 1996, after spinal injuries, and I didn't realise I could get a Motability Car until last year, when I tried to trade in my rusty 13 year old Landrover under the Scrappage Scheme, and was advised by the Dealer that I was eligible for Motability.

    The decision is a no brainer when you look at the monthly outgoings, I just wish I was better advised previously.
  • hi and thanks for your message, we didnt want to get a mobility car as we use his mobility money to get him special exercise therapy to increase his chances of better mobility in future and i would rather try to be optomistic, it feels like im giving up on him if i use his money for this and also i feel we should not benefit from his money, which we clearly would if we used it for a car we would all ride in. That said i can see your point that now this has happened it might be our best option as we have no money left to make any other choices.thanks again lindsey
  • mikey72mikey72 Forumite
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    You need to have an idependent inspection of the car.
    If they find a fault, and if it was present when you bought it, reject the car.

    That won't be clear cut though, as if the garage argue fair wear and tear, you may end up going to court over it.
  • SilkSilk Forumite
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    Hi Lindsey,
    As cars get older with wear and tear some engines do start to use more oil.
    I would be tempted to get a compression test done to see what the readings are.
    If there are no leaks and it's not going into the water system etc then it has to be being burnt but maybe not serious enough to show on emissions.
    It may be that you have a broken oil control ring on the piston etc which may show up on the test, quite common on some Zetec engines.
    It could also be due to valve stem seals leaking ..oil drips down and is burnt when first started and wouldn't show up on emissions etc etc.

    Oil rings do clog up which can be cured by an engine flush sometimes so it may be worth considering it and talking to your garage about it.

    Using oil is hard to get covered under warranty unless you can pinpoint the cause so if a compression test indicates a problem on one of the cylinders it may be a few quid well spent.
    It's not just about the money
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