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Indorex for cat fleas

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I applied Indorex to my home yesterday and washed all of our bed sheets I feel as if I have a few bites this morning again is this usual? How long should I expect Indorex to take to kill fleas?
I didn't spray our beds as it didn't explicitly mention this on the instructions on tin,so thought it best not to,maye I should have done.
Any feedback greatly appreciated


  • Hi there, I used Indorex last week, I also sprayed beds (around and under mattress) cat beds, rugs, couches (take off cushions, hoover it like crazy, then spray) etc.

    I haven't had a single bite since, I'm not sure how long it takes to work but it appears to be working really well for us here :)

    Make sure you get absolutely everywhere the cat/s go/goes, ventilate everywhere really well and hot wash everything you can!

    We got our kitten from a rescue centre and it's taken over 4 weeks to get the flea problem sorted! Nightmare, you can also get a stronger flea treatment for the cat from the vet if need be, good luck!!

    After a couple of weeks, re-spray, re-hot wash. You can never do enough just to be on the safe side!

    x Daisy x

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  • Thanks Daisy,I will leave it for a week then will get another couple of cans if I have to,I washed all the bed clothes in every bedroom and the care labels said 40 so I didn't go any higher than that,I used the whole tin over the carpets,skirting boards etc maybe I'm heavy handed I expected to get 2 hits from the can after reading reviews,thanks anyway
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    What you're probably seeing are young fleas newly hatched from their pupae. Unfortunately no insecticide on God's earth can kill them while they're still in the dormant stage. As long as you've used the Indorex everywhere (including under the furniture) and protected the animals you should see an improvement soon.
  • Unfortunately no insecticide on God's earth can kill them while they're still in the dormant stage.

    Maybe an insecticide can't, but I think Skoosh can! It is also perfectly safe to be used on mattresses and pillows. I tend to use a mixture of the two myself and it keeps the house flea free.
  • BitterAndTwistedBitterAndTwisted Forumite
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    You're right, I've just checked: Skoosh doesn't actually kill the fleas in the pupal stage but renders them unable to hatch. This is a very, very good thing:

    "Skoosh seals the fate of adult fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae by engulfing them in a sticky trap of silicones. Fleas and larvae are rendered helpless and immobile. Eggs and pupae are unable to hatch."

    Still, if the OP has used the Indorex properly they should start seeing an improvement soon.
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