DHE wavering 22 day period

Hi as anyone had any luck in wavering the 22 day period from someone leaving a quarter to taking it over.

To sum up
got offer of a house two months after we was entiltled to it as non avalible . House move in date three months from date of letter as someone living their,
Arrange rent on my own property as we now have date to move in
3 weeks before move in date get a phone call saying occupants have put an extention in for 14 days so we have to wait.
by this time i have a contract with my tenet to move into my propety the week after i get quarter.
told tough
explain got tenent signed contract can we waiver 22 days told yes as good reason phone us day before current occupants leave .
Do this to be told not a walfare case so tough.
Called removals comapany to try get stuff put into storage cost £1000 this is also to move to new address.
I have been losing rent money for the past 4 months when we have been entiltled to a quarter now losing more money or lose tenent .

Speak to the HIC one says one another says something different.
Quarter is now empty.
hope this explains
complaint letter already on why to housing
any help appreciated.


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    My suggesition would firstly be to ring MHS and find out from them what needs doing to the property (eg. repainting, recarpetting etc), if the jobs are minor you could request MHS do it sooner, but MHS have to do it in conjunction with the HIC (the HIC need to call the property forward to kick start the 22days).

    You could also, depending on what needs doing to the property, sign some sort of waiver to say you would accept the property in any given state, not sure what that doc is, might be worth asking the hic about it.

    There are plenty of ways to get into a house earlier, just need good contacts in HIC and MHS.
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  • hi thanks for reply . Yeah know about the form but depending on whom you speak to at the HIC depends on weather they want to do it.

    I know from the lady who does pre march out here that the carpets are 4 years old and in good condition and that the house is generally in a good condition having been looked after with current tenents . However as she said until the furniture as been removed they dont know the full story but from her experience she knows a good and bad house and when someone is trying to cover up.

    We are willing to accept the house as is no painting as chances are our funiture will be in the same place as theirs. The only thing that would need doing is the gas certificate and electical test if required.

    I phoned on monday and spoke to one person who understood the problem and amount of money i am about to loose and said the 22 days will be waivered for that but in order to sort this i need to speak to my area rep but he would speak to her before hand and to phone back wed . to be told not a chance. as not welfare.

    And she isnt willing to ask as someone else might come with a welfare ploblem that they will then pursure and if they ask to often they wont do it. Now to me they gave me a date to move in , i sign contract with them by returning agreement, i organise tenents for my house as now got a set date , for them to be able to move the goal post when it suits them with no thought of the implecation to myself.
    Also to this as both myself and my husband are both serving we live in seperate blocks and by the rules of the armed forces we can not spend a night together having to leave each others accomodation at 2359. Now having been married 3 months this is ridiculus.

    Any other help appreciated. If anyone feels like i am being out of order to want to live with my husband in something we are entiltiled to please feel free to say. just got to the stage enough is enough
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    Speak to your OC or Welfare, its suprising how much pressure they can put on people in the HIC to get things done (thats if you have a good OC/Welfare who are willing to help).

    Failing that get the name of the person currently dealing with your app (the woman who said absolutly not) and go above her head, and see if that helps. Try and do as much communication as possible via email, its quicker, and proof should you need it.

    Really hope you get somewhere with it.
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    Tesco - £1000 , Carpet - £20, Barclaycard - £50, HSBC - £50 + Car - £1700
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    Debts - £2850
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    Hi there,

    You could try speaking to your local Army Families Federation (AFF) Co-ordinator - http://www.aff.org.uk/contact_aff_gb.htm#coords

    They may be able to help.
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