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I am currently serving in Afghanistan and understand that items can be bought from the UK either exempt from VAT or with VAT recoverable (which I use fairly often).

One question I do have is regarding paying for a holiday (I'm planning on escaping after I have complete my tour). I understand that VAT is paid on holidays; if I pay for the holiday whilst I am out here, am I eligible to reclaim VAT? (I'm thinking not, but it's worth asking the question).

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  • Holidays are a strange one, because you're actually buying a service and not really a product. It's hard to explain, but a flight, transfers etc are a service and you can't claim the vat back on these. I'm really struggling of a way to explain it better, but I hope this helps.

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    VAT isn't actually charged on overseas holidays from the UK - not on the accommodation/travel anyway. So there's nothing to reclaim

    Well not quite true - VAT is charged on the travel agent's margin (ie what he charges for doing the bookings for you and/or his markup on what he pays his suppliers) - which will be a trivial amount in the context of the total price. And not reclaimable anyway as it's a service and not physical goods
  • Thanks to both of you - had a feeling there would be the technicality of service v product.

    dzug1: Interesting to note that VAT is only on the mark-up; learn something new every day.
  • I agree with the product explaination and the VAT on Travel agents margins. I know loads of people like myself that took full advantage of the 20% VAT relief, while in the sandy hellhole but on products only
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