Just saved £175 for mortgage exit fees

Took out a endowment mortgage in 1989,I then changed it to a repayment in 2003 having been informed that I had a case for miss-selling.

I was informed by my solicitor in Nov having sold my property and purchasing another than we will incur a exit fee of £175. This is the first we had heard of this, and we were in fact told by the Halifax when we changed mortgage that we wouldn't incur any fees because of the miss-selling.

Well I wrote to them in late November or early December I cant recall the exact date now. They today rejected my complaint, so I spoke to them and after they rung me back, they now waiving the fee.

Dont stand for this over charges, many are totally dispropiate to the true costs, I read it costs mortgage companies £60-£70 to redeem a mortgage, if that is the true costs, then some lenders are ripping off customers.
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