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September 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • this is going to be a really long month was ment to have a nsd week, and this has gone completly out of the window. have managed to spend 56.03/150. so am going to leave the pusre at home in till sun when i will pop to aldi for fruit and beg.
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    159.46/150.00 - aug gc
  • when i will pop to aldi for fruit and beg.

    Beg? I know times are I am thinking you meant veg! :)
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    TrixieBTrixieB Forumite
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    £8.29 spend in Farmfoods on 2x bags pasta shapes, large coleslaw, packet ham on the bone kinda ham, 12 bread rolls, 2 chicken lattice bakes, 15 eggs, bag of mixed peppers and bag of bananas.

    Just had lo spicy carrot soup for my lunch and am about to put a chicken in to roast, legs tonight with couscous and veggies, will strip it off and tea tomorrow - one breast chopped up into white sauce with mushrooms, pasta twirls and baked with a topping of blitzed stale tiger rolls and a dried heel of applewood cheese that unwrapped itself in fridge, Friday - other breast chopped up with chinese stirfry sauce and served with egg and sweetcorn fried rice and the carcass will be boiled for soup and broth mix added to that plus the lil bits of chicken that'll fall off.

    Making the most of the cooker being on for the chicken to bake up the 2x chicken lattices for Oh's lunchbox tomorrow and friday, also got a tealoaf to make and thinking about making some twinks seeing as am having a good day and should really do as much as possible as usually follow the pattern of a good day followed by a run of bad days when I can't move much :/
    Trying very hard to be frugal and OS - just plodding on and doing my best!
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  • mummygemsmummygems Forumite
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    Afternoon all.

    Well I still hope to come in under budget this month for the first time in a loooong time but its going to be close! I went to Costco on Monday and stocked up on washing tablets (which will do us more than two months) and also chicken breast for the next few weeks. As it comes out the bank this month then it comes off the budget for this month so it might well send me over the budget.

    I have decided that I am going to have a small stock up each month on tinned/non fresh stuff that can see us through if we have the mega snow again in November like last year. I will also make sure we have enough baby milk etc nearer the time as we couldnt easily get to the shops and when we did the shelves were pretty empty!

    Am going to do a cupboard and freezer check after the school run to see what I can make do with and not have to buy anything other than fresh things and hopefully stay within budget.

    On the plus side I have just managed to get a part time (12hrs a week) job in sainsburys and I start my induction tomorrow night. I havent worked since I had DD1 so its been over 5 years so I am mega nervous. I have been looking for a job to fit around school for such a long time and am so happy to be earning a little money so we can actually get out of the overdraft and start having some savings especially with xmas, car service, car tax etc all due in the next 3 months!

    I hope everyone is doing ok.
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    Been to Mr T's this morning, spent another £39.03 :( am really going to have to be very disciplined for the rest of the month.
    Homemade pizza and wedges tonight also going to try and have a go at choc brownies :D
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  • Hello, just found this thread and would like to join in. My budget month starts on the 25th of the month and currently I shop for 3 adults and 1 dog.
    For September, I'm planning £700 which sounds a lot but it includes my travel to work, my phone, and some of the running of the boat (which we live on).
    So far I have spent £499.87 but that includes a £300 cashback Sainsbury's gift card which in addition cost me 50p to buy plus £1 for the months membership, and I get cashback of £15 on it which will go into savings. I was going to tell you how much I have actually spent off the gift card but I can't find the chitty. I'm guessing it's about £110.

    I haven't got round yet to doing the signature thing but soon I will so I can put the updates on the spending into it.

  • Nicky2905Nicky2905 Forumite
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    OMG, OMG - I'm so over the moon!! Just did a week's shop for £39!!! Just 4 weeks ago I was spending £120 EVERY WEEK, I actually can't believe it, I got everything I needed and even a couple of treats (inlcuding a half price hot chicken woohoo!) I actually feel like I robbed Mr T !! :) So as things stand this shop should last me (apart from bread and fruit) until the middle of the month, which means I'm on track to keep to my target!!
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  • Oh dear, was getting so carried away with finding bargains that I am buying bargains that I don't need. Apart from a NSD yesterday I have been to the shops every day! I am trying for a weekly budget of £98 which is loads I know but I have managed to go over this. My week starts again tomorrow and I will have to go shopping on Friday as need stuff for weekend, however my mini goal for this week is TO KEEP AWAY FROM THE SHOPS!
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  • Afternoon everyone

    Totals done to Post 349

    I need to pop to a shop to get brown sugar and caster sugar - MrT would be cheaper but I'd end up getting more, Coop is dearer but I won't buy other stuff so its a visit to coop!! I can then make some Banana cake from the front index

    Welcome and Hi to our new people, don't forget to check out the recipe posts on page 1 which Rosieben keeps updated for us - bloomin marvelous!! Ask any questions as there are loads of clever helpful peeps on here

    Good luck

    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • had a silly splurge on sunday. hungover trip to tescos for comfort food. did a meal plan until payday(25th) yesterday, which ive never done. feel very organised! off to asdas after work today for a big stock up but hoping to spend under £55. and do need yet more expensive things (fabric softener etc!). then gnocchi with mozzarella and tomato for tea. got a busy weekend as working on saturday and my mum is having a big bbq on sunday so making a carrot cake for that and going to do a quiche for lunches. busy busy :)
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